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Wonderful✦Pretty Cure! is a fanseries by MonoTheMonochrome. It has a motif of magic, creativity, and creation. Another important thematic is hobbies, as each Cure draws their magic from something they enjoy. It deals with handling negativity with positivity, and gaining confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

This page is a big WIP oops.


"Do you believe in magic?

Well, I think this world is full of wonders, even if you can't see it..."

Howdy! I'm Tamaki Igarashi, and I just moved to my mom's childhood home, a small town Egokoro, to live at my grandmother's farm!

But then I found a little plushie being chewed on by the goats!

His name is Dandy, a stuffed animal that... can talk!?

And With the magic words, 'PuriPuri', I became a magician!?

This is seriously wonderful!!!


"Where hearts shine, a world full of wonders is formed!"

Pretty Cure

Tamaki Igarashi / Cure Wonder, the Cure of Imagination
Voiced by: ?
Intro: "With dreams and imagination, a wishful fantasy! Cure Wonder!"
Magic Chant: PuriPuri WanWan!
Attack: /
Theme Colors: Red & Yellow
Symbol: Star
Hobby: Drawing

Chihiro Kakashi / Cure Mind, the Cure of Knowledge
Voiced by: ?
Intro: "With knowledge and wisdom, a thoughtful idea! Cure Mind!"
Magic Chant: PuriPuri MaiMai!
Attack: /
Theme Colors: Blue & Brown
Symbol: Circle
Hobby: Baking

Aine Tetsuya / Cure Bliss, the Cure of Emotions
Voiced by: ?
Intro: "With love and trust, a heartful feeling! Cure Bliss!"
Magic Chant: PuriPuri BuriBuri!
Attack: /
Theme Colors: Green & Silver
Symbol: Heart
Hobby: Tennis

Nono Shishidou / Cure Pride, the Cure of Life
Voiced by: ?
Intro: "With courage and energy, a joyful rush! Cure Pride!"
Magic Chant: PuriPuri PuPuPu!
Attack: /
Theme Colors: Yellow & Orange
Symbol: Flower/Clover
Hobby: Knitting


Voiced by: ?
A stuffed animal themed after a yorkshire terrier, and one of the Trixibelle's toys. He disagreed with her actions and tried to stop her, which led to the Four Witches entrusting him with the Master Tome. His demeanor is like that of a grumpy, old man, and he tends to take a lot of naps. At first, he remains distant to the Cures (though instantly becomes a father-figure to Coco), but soon grows a strong bond with them, and he is proud to see them grow stronger. Dandy has a great sense of justice and reponsility, and takes promises very serious. He's very upset he had to break his promise to Trixibelle to always be by her side.

He's very proud of his bow. Don't touch it.

Coven 'Coco'
Voiced by: ?
A mysterious dragon-like baby who hatches from an egg that's inside the Master Tome. Coco is an innocent, yet cheerful baby who is curious about the world around her. She loves to imitate people (in her own baby-way of speaking, that is) and is easily amused. Coco can be quite sensitive though, crying easily when the mood is tense, people fight, or when she gets scolded. Supposedly, feeding her MasterPieces will get her to become stronger... but for now, she'll only cough out little, harmless sparks of fire.

Voiced by: ?
A mysterious cat lady who becomes the Cures' magic teacher.


A small and young(-looking) witch who serves as the main antagonist.

Trixibelle's crow familiar who follows her every order and will do everything to protect her.

The monster-of-the-day. They trap their victims inside a perfect paradise they don't want to get out of. All their negative emotions are unleashed by the monster.

Other Characters

Hanamaru Igarashi
Tamaki's mother. She divorced with Tamaki's father a few years ago and has been struggling to get by ever since. She was fired shortly before the story and goes back to her parents' home in the meantime.  Miwa Igarashi
Tamaki's kind grandmother. Hako Igarashi
Tamaki's late grandfather.

Kouichi Kakashi
Chihiro's stern father. A lawyer.   Kazumi Kakashi
Chihiro's serious mother. A teacher.

Yuuto Tetsuya
Aine's gentle father. Owner of a sweets shop. Seika Shizue
Aine's absent mother. A popular actress who travels around a lot. She left years ago, but Aine hopes that, someday, she comes back.

Kentarou Shishidou
Nono's father. A doctor, who works together with his wife. Akira Shishidou
Nono's mother. A nurse, who works together with her husband. Hiroto, Daichi, and Takumi Shishidou
Nono's older brothers. They're triplets all preparing for university.

"The Dream Girl"
A mysterious girl wearing pajamas who consistently appears in the Cures' dreams, as well in the mindscapes of people turned into Tanoshimus for some reason. She claims to be without memories, but doesn't seem to be in a hurry to find them. Has a habit of saying: "I wonder..."


Wizard King, Melin
The ruler of Fantasia. He's an old man with an absurdly long beard, a giant wizard hat, and a somewhat gaudy cloak. He's kind-hearted and optmistic (almost to a fault), and likes to play around, as well slack off. He also is very forgetful. Together with his apprentices, he sacrificed his magic to create the Master Tome, turning into a lifeless toys in the progress.

The Four Apprentices [Names Soon, Hopefully]
The four the most powerful magicians of Fantasia, and apprentices of the Wizard King himself, although they are almost equal in skill. They consider him their father figure, but are not afraid to call him out or get him back into shape.


Precure Charm Sticks
The transformation items, as well weapons. They look like pens, but are actually "imagination wands", which can turn fantasy into reality. To transform they need to activate it and yell: "Puri-Puri! Precure Magic Mix!".

Later, the items are able to transform into a more unique form, fitting for each Cure, and their hobby.

  • Precure Charm Stick Pencil: Cure Wonder's Charm Stick.
  • Precure Charm Stick Whisk: Cure Mind's Charm Stick.
  • Precure Charm Stick Racket: Cure Bliss' Charm Stick.
  • Precure Charm Stick Needle: Cure Pride's Charm Stick.

Master Tome
A magical tablet-like book, in which Coco resides. It was created as a last hope by the Wizard King and his four apprentices, putting their remaining power into, which took the form of Coco. Coco has her own little room in the Tome, and its a way for the Cures to store the MasterPieces in.

The collectibles. They resemble beads.


The main setting for the story. A rather small, and simple village located on the countryside.

  • School
  • Igarashi Farm
  • Bakery
  • Shishidou Mansion




  • The Cures are able to use magic outside their Cure forms as well, although it's not as powerful.
    • The Cures all have a 'magic chant' they say before using magic or attacking.
  • While not a major thematic, it does borrow some themes from the Wizard of Oz, with the biggest being the four Cures being slightly themed, and named after, the four main characters.