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Hello! The name's Starmaiden, but you can call me Lina! I'm an avid reader and a massive science, band, and anime nerd to boot! I can be a little weird sometimes, sorry...

Random Facts!

  • I'm a massive science nerd, especially for chemistry.
  • KiraKira is my guilty pleasure. It was the first season I watched, and it has a special place in my heart.
  • My favorite Cures are Cure Etoile and Cure Gelato.

  • Arcane Pretty Cure~-My first series here! It has (currently) three Cures, all female. Its themes are Tarot, the four elements, reincarnation/death, and self-acceptance.
  • Kingdom Animalia Pretty Cure!-Themes are animals, love, and friendship.
  • PowerUP! Pretty Cure is something I hope to create soon. Its themes are what TVtropes calls "Stock Superpowers", self-improvement, and friendship.
  • Drifting! Feather Pretty Cure- Themes are acceptance, love, and finding your way, while the motifs are birds and light.
  • Horrorshow Pretty Cure- One of the fanseries I'm working on now. Its motif are horror movies, cursed films, and fun stuff like that.

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