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  • I live in Finland
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is nerd
  • I am female

I am your category God.
I have a lot of projects not related to Precure as well, see my other wiki for that.


Ameliette's Pretty Cures
Pretty Cure Safe⚓Harbor Carla Fierro / Cure Ring • Yukimura Manami / Cure Spinner • Tahira Malik / Cure Caretta • Alice Blanchett / Cure Polar • Zola Wright / Cure Emperor
Pretty Cure Animae Borealis Petra Tiainen / Cure Ursa • Amira Demir/ Cure Alces • Saana Saraste / Cure Cygnus
Greenleaf Precure Cure Spruce • Cure Willow • Cure Birch • Cure Rowan
Hibike! Supernova Pretty Cure Tiana Thomas / Cure Sirius • Danielle Shaw/ Cure Vega • Ronya Blake / Cure Spica • Ciara Headley / Cure Altair • Brooklynn Headley / Cure Deneb
Kirameku Treasure Precure Akari / Cure Ruby • Mei / Cure Aquamarine • Junko / Cure Topaz • Yuuka / Cure Emerald • Mayu / Cure Amethyst
Sweet Temptation Precure Cure Pavlova • Cure Pannacotta • Cure Mazarin • Cure Caramel • Cure Eclair • Cure Cantucci • Cure Tiramisu
Aether Star Precure Cure Pyro • Cure Hydro • Cure Aura • Cure Gaia
Fancures Cure Mana (Meta Magic) • Cure Bright (Care!!) • Cure Cozy (Care!!) • Cure Neutron (Interstellar) • Cure Satellite (Interstellar) • Cure Straggiatella (KiraKira) • Cure Craie (HUGtto!)

These ones don't even have proper series names yet, I'm just hyping them up:

  • Digipuri (6 cures, computers/tech, form changes) (Digimon 02 in precure form)
  • Sleuth Precure (4 cures, detectives/history)
  • Duality Precure (2 cures, yin&yang)
  • Prebattle (2 cures, card games/fashion) inspired by Wixoss franchise and Nanoha Innocent
  • Dollhouse Precure (TBA cures, doll theme)
  • Mathemagical Girls (4 cures, STEM)
    • the WIP title is inspired by a tumblr post "we're authors, not mathemagicians", as well as me shortening 'magical girl' to 'majigirl'

And dont even ask about these ideas:

  • alice in wonderland + cards themes series
  • LoliPop Precure - Lolita fashion + candy - ROLLY POP
  • fantasy races + stereotypical weapons
  • cats

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