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"With love in our hearts, we vow to protect the precious seas!"

Tidal Song Precure (also called Tidal Song Pretty Cure and TSP) is a fanseries created by Kazuko in 2019 on Quotev and is currently ongoing. The series' motifs are the ocean and mermaids, while the main themes are self love and mental health.

The chapters are currently being posted on Precure Animo, as well as Archiveofourown and Tumblr


At the beginning of her final year of junior high, 15-year-old Kyoko Koizumi moves to Yumeshima, a mysterious island famed for its legends. While exploring the island, she discovers... a mermaid accompanied by a talking sea turtle? Something smells fishy about this…

The mermaid and sea turtle introduce themselves as Odessa and Azure, and claim that their homeland in danger! They come from the Hydro Realm, and in that world lies Azora Kingdom. Azora is filled with mermaids as well as the malicious creatures known as The Shoal of Lament (also referred to as The Infected). Their goal is to locate the Cordis Shell (The Heart of the Sea), and harness its magical properties. When a member of The Shoal attacks Odessa, the urge to protect and make a change allows Kyoko to transform into one of the legendary Precures of the Seas, Cure Delphin!

Now armed with the powers of the ocean, Kyoko must search for the Heart and defend Yumeshima from The Shoal. Accompanied by Odessa, and two other girls - Emi and Yuuna, Tidal Song Precure is formed. In order to find the Heart, the cures must find the heart within themselves.

A story of self love and the seas is about to start!

Now, Precure! Marine Reflection!



Cure Delphin

Kyoko Koizumi (小泉京子 Koizumi Kyoko) - The worrisome leader of Tidal Song. She moves to Yumeshima shortly after her 15th birthday, and is in her final year of junior high. Kyoko tends to get flustered easily, and is a little high strung. Due to her low self confidence, she has a habit of degrading herself and belittling her own ability. Kyoko always tries her best to please others, even to the point of neglecting her own needs. Even so, the few interests she has (the ocean and cooking) are very dear to her, and she gets excited when either are mentioned. Despite her reserved demeanour, she can't sit still when something unjust occurs. Her catchphrase is "Something smells fishy about this..." which she says when she's wary of something. As she represents the heart of the sea, her powers revolve around sea life, especially sea creatures. She transforms into Cure Delphin (キュアデルフィン Kyua Derufin), and her theme colour is pink. Her CV is Date Sayuri (Character: Kanon Shibuya).

Cure Lagoon

Odessa Narumi/Odessa Alagona (鳴海 オデッサ Narumi Odessa/アラゴナ オデッサ Aragona Odessa) - Formally addressed as Her Royal Highness Princess Odessa Alagona of the First Pearl’s Boon in her mermaid kingdom, 14-year-old Odessa is 'sent' to the Terra Realm to search for the Precure, accompanied by her bonded meri, Azure. She is hyperactive, jovial, as well as a little childish. Prior to the Shoal’s attack on Azora and the disappearance of the Cordis Shell, she wasn’t expected to do much in her family, leading her to become a bit lazy. Odessa isn’t the best at handling heavy emotions, and she has a habit of getting upset or overwhelmed when she doesn’t understand something. She represents the voice of the sea, and most of her powers revolve around sound. She transforms into Cure Lagoon ( キュアラグーン Kyua Ragūn), and her theme colour is green. Her CV is Ari Ozawa (Character: Hina Hikawa).

Cure Reef

Emilia (Emi) Nakagawa (中川 エミリア Nakagawa Emilia) - Hailing from a wealthy background, Emi is pretty closed off, shying away from anyone she’s not comfortable with. Due to this, she comes off as cold the majority of the time. She isn’t afraid of expressing her distaste for something, and that blunt behaviour does tend to get her in trouble. She’s also fairly short-tempered and tends to get caught up in things like competition, and her own emotions. However, when comfortable, she is quite energetic, her mischievous side is more evident, and she’s generally more lighthearted. As the representative of the flow of the sea, her physical strength is enhanced more than the other cures. She transforms into Cure Reef (キュアリーフ Kyua Rīfu), and her theme colour is yellow. Her CV is Hinata Satou (Character: Leah Kazuno).

Cure Isle

Yuuna Kiyomizu (清水 ゆうな Kiyomizu Yuuna) - Yuuna presents herself in a polite, composed manner, often relaxed in more taxing situations. She behaves motherly towards others - despite being the youngest cure on the team, at 14 - yearning to understand them better. Yuuna is afraid of starting conflict, in fear of people may judge her for speaking her mind. Her behaviour regarding her reputation can be seen as precautionary. In fact, she is very protective of the things she holds dear (such as her childhood friend, Emi) and hates the thought of them changing. The notion of change is frightening to her, and she prefers not to think about it. Yuuna also holds herself to a high standard and is very critical of herself. As the embrace of the sea, she becomes incredibly agile, more so than the other cures. Her powers over water manipulation are also heightened, as she can utilize it through her legs by dancing. She transforms into Cure Isle (キュアアイル Kyua Āiru), and her theme colour is purple. Her CV is Rikako Aida (Character: Riko Sakurauchi).

Azure (Human and Meri Form)



Azure is a meri (a sea sprite that bonds with mermaids, specifically royalty) who takes the form of a baby sea turtle. Nine-year-old Azure considers herself to be quite mature and takes her job very seriously. As Odessa’s bonded meri, it’s her responsibility take care of her (and by extension, the other cures as well). She knows a lot about the ocean and the lore around it. Though she can be blunt at times, she cares deeply for the cures and yearns to do her best for them. In chapter nine, she displays some magical prowess of her own which she shows through a technique all meris can perform, called The Lull.


The Shoal of Lament

The Shoal of Lament are the main antagonists in Tidal Song Precure. They're a group of merfolk from Azora morphed into wicked sea monsters by the cursed ink which plagued Azora (which is why they are referred to as The Infected). Their main goal is to locate the Cordis Shell. They control a group of sea monsters of lesser intelligence called Sirens, who are also Azoran civilians who have been infected. Each member of the Shoal manages a specific type of Siren.

Nerida: The first member of the Shoal introduced. She is stern, vain, and terribly sly. Her sirens are based on electric eels and have electrical powers. Before the attack on Azora, she was a well respected educator, teaching younger merfolk how to utilize their powers for good.

Calypso: The second member of the Shoal introduced. Calypso is cocky, selfish and quick-witted. His sirens are based on squid and have ink-related abilities. Prior to the attack on Azora, he was the most skilled member of the Azoran Royal Guard. He has a romantic interest in Nerida and often flirts with her as a result.

Pelagius: The third member of the Shoal introduced. His sirens are based on seahorses and have camouflage based powers. Prior to the attack, he was [redacted].

Riva: The fourth member of the Shoal introduced. Her sirens are based on sharks and fight in a sword-like manner. Prior to the attack, she was [redacted].

Delmar: A mermaid that the members of the Shoal answer to.

Side Characters

Sora and Haya Koizumi: Kyoko’s parents - Sora and Haya are marine biologists and work rather late. As a result, Kyoko doesn’t see them much during the day. They both tend to joke around and tease Kyoko quite a bit, but it’s all out of love. Haya in particular, worries about Kyoko’s overly responsible behaviour, and does what she can to help Kyoko relax. Sora feels the same way, but is more subtle with his concerns.

  • Age: Mid-Late 40's

Mariella Alagona: Odessa’s eldest sister and currently acting as the ruler of Azora in her parents (King Nerio and Queen Genovena) absence - Her formal title is Princess Mariella Alagona of Amphitrite's Divine Legacy. Mariella and Odessa are very close. Unlike her baby sister, Mariella is mature, fairly serious, and tries to give Odessa and the other cures advice when she can (She was the one who informed the cures of the Premerdial Tridents' existence). She loves Odessa dearly, and often worries about her being in the Terra Realm. Despite her love and habit to spoil Odessa, she's not hesitant to put her fins down and scold her little sister if needed. As shown in chapter nine, she has a strong sense of honor and despite her strong bond with Odessa, she doesn't fully understand her feelings.

  • Age: 23

Hironori Nakagawa and Buona Lombardi: Emi’s father and aunt - Hironori is the chief of a large hotel management company and due to this, he travels frequently and doesn’t see Emi often. Despite their lack of contact, he deeply loves his daughter and dotes on her, sending her gifts from foreign places and calling her frequently. Buona acts in a similar manner, although more physically affectionate. As she lives with Emi, she’s usually the person Emi goes to for comfort. (When Emi was younger and bedridden, she’d entertain her by telling her stories).

  • Age (Hironori): Mid 50's
  • Age (Buona): Late 50's

Chizu Hamakawa: Chizu has known Emi and Yuuna since they was little and often cared for Emi when her aunt was busy. They have a “big/little sister’’ type of relationship, and the girls goes to Chizu for advice on occasion. She is quite cheery and often nostalgic. Her family owns the local ice cream parlour, Seaside Decadence, and plans to become owner one day.

  • Age: 26

Chouko Kiyomizu: Yuuna's mother - (TBA)

  • Age: Late 40's

Yuuki Kiyomizu: Yuuna's younger twin brother - Unlike his composed sister, he is much more playful and cheeky. His cheery disposition and good looks make him well liked at school, although his is much more profound than he appears. Like Yuuna, he was very close to Emi in childhood. He's well aware of her stubborn attitude, and shows concern for her through light teasing. He has a small crush on Emi, but hasn't acted on it nor mentioned it to his sister yet.

  • Age: 14

Alcyone: An older sea sprite and a mentor to the Cures. Alcyone has been living in Yumeshima long before the Shoal's attack. She's a bit of a sea magic nerd, getting excited just at the sight of the Lapis Lockets. Despite this, she knows when to provide honest advice and when to let the Cures figure things out on their own.

  • Age: Late 30's-Mid 40s

Rena Kurogane: A fellow classmate of the girls - Rena and Emi have a lot of history with one another, and are often seen fighting. Rena is always the instigator in these disputes. She's haughty, vain, and has a penchant for gossip. She's often tailed by Kaiya and Kairy Nakanoi, two other girls in their grade, and treats them as her lackeys.

  • Age: 14