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"History is retained through reading!"

Storytime♡The Pretty Cure Chronicles is the second series by DoubleAko and Precure Otaku. The plot follows a group of Elementary School girls as they fight the evil Raze and their Shattered Reality Army. Along with their fairies, Alice and Fable, they collect the Magical Bookmarks, otherwise known as “Otherworld Keys."


“History is retained through reading!”

Existence is recorded in a large book entitled ‘The Chronicles of Life.’

The keys to the 45 different dimension’s stories in this book are guarded by the bookkeeper, Alice. Everything that’s happened is held within the keys and book’s pages.

All is at peace.

That is, until Raze attacks.

Raze was the trainee to be the next Bookkeeper after Alice, but saw all the terrible things that life held in store for everyone, and began to feel as if it would be best to erase everything and put everyone out of their misery.

Together, with their brainwashed Generals and army, they were able to overpower Alice and open the Holder that contained the keys to each dimension.

Before Raze can destroy the keys, Alice uses the last of her power to scatter them around Dimension Seven, Earth. Just before she loses consciousness, she transports herself to said dimension. Alice now has a new mission, find the four warriors who are meant to save the multiverse when life itself is put at stake.

The Legendary Pretty Cure.

To find the fabled fighters, Alice finds a job in a nearby town, Hanaheiya. She becomes the librarian at a public Elementary School. She excitedly waits for the right girls to appear. But her wait isn’t as long as she thought it would be, as a pair of new students turn everything around.

Abe Narumi and Abe Haruhi are the newest students at the Elementary division of Hanaheiya Public Academy. They're as different from each other as can be. Naru is shy and smart, while Haru is loud and struggles with school due to an undiagnosed condition.

After a huge fight on their first day, Narumi is taken near the Library by her English Language teacher. After bonding with the librarian, Alice, she finds a mysterious looking bookmark in her book. One of her favorites, Peter and the Star Catchers.

Her questioning is cut off by a mysterious monster called a Löschen breaking into the school and attacking Alice. Before she is captured, Alice throws a key to Naru. Claiming that she is destined to become the legendary warrior, Cure Fantasy. When Narumi has the key in hand her book starts to glow. The book’s cover changes to a pink hue with the words “Cure Fantasy” engraved on it in gold.

Narumi inserts the key and is engulfed in pink light. Seconds later, she has an entirely new appearance and a newfound strength.

And just like that, Cure Fantasy has been born!


Pretty Cure

Abe Narumi/Cure Fantasy

A 10-year old girl who you would usually find reading in the library. She struggles to make friends and wants to be a writer when she grows up. She's your cookie cutter new girl in school. She’s so shy she starts with no friends except a girl named Nina. Narumi used to be super close to her twin sister, Haruhi, but when they moved, Haruhi distanced herself from her and Narumi has no idea why. She hides how much this hurts her. Narumi is at the top of her class and would've been class president if she had more confidence and less social anxiety.

Abe Narumi/Cure Fantasy

Haru often hides behind her long pigtails and is very sensitive. She cries easily, but can be brave when she knows she needs too–Which isn't very often. As Cure Fantasy, her theme color is pink and she is based on fantasy novels. She becomes less like a shy bookworm and more like an adventurous protagonist. If only by a little.

Intro: “Telling the magical story! Protector of dreams and imagination! I am Cure Fantasy!”

VA/Singer: Toyota Moe (Kanon Matsubara)

Abe Haruhi/Cure History

Haruhi is the 10-year old talk of Hanaheiya Academy Elementary. She’s sporty, pretty, and has a great sense of fashion. She, along with her twin sister Narumi transferred to their new school from a small island near Okinawa. Due to being bullied at her old school, Haruhi is determined to fit in at her new one and will do anything to do so. Even if it means hurting her sister. She has very keen ears. This is both a blessing and a curse, as, at her old school, she could hear everything other children said about her. Haruhi is somewhat ashamed of her sister’s shy demeanor and tries to avoid her at school. Instead of helping her sister with her confidence issues, she ignores her in the halls and classes. She has terrible grades and refuses to get help, claiming it will hurt her reputation. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, but she feels like it’s up to her to fix it herself.

Abe Haruhi/Cure History

Throughout the series, Haru realizes that to get support, she needs to first admit that she can’t be entirely independent. She also realizes that above all else, her sister loves her and that their bond can never be broken. As Cure History, her theme color is green and she's based on historical novels.

Intro: “Telling the classical story! Protector of Determination and Drive! I am Cure History!”

VA/Singer: Katou Emiri (Himari Uehara)

Nakajima Nina/Cure Mystery

Nakajima Nina is a smart and well-spoken girl who rarely backs down. Although she’s often lonely, she’s mostly content with life. Nina has grown up in a low-class neighborhood with her grandmother and father, who is out in the big city searching for work. Her mother left when she was very young. Nina knows almost nothing about her. Not even her name. Because of her family’s poor financial state, and her latina heritage, she has been labeled as a delinquent. To annoy her classmates, she sometimes takes little things such as pencil bags or water bottles. She always ends up returning them because she feels bad. But she would never tell them that. Due to the constant gossip about her, she is very bitter towards other students. That is until she meets Narumi.

Nakajima Nina/Cure Mystery

The two bond over their love of reading. Her favorite series, and prized possession, is the Nancy Drew Collection she has in her room. Her best friends are Ikari-Sensei and Naru, who are some of the only people at school to believe in her. She, in return, helps Naru with her low self-confidence. As Cure Mystery, her theme color is purple and she's based off of mystery novels.

Intro: "Telling the Curious story! Protector of Adrenaline and Bravery! I am Cure Mystery!”

VA/Singer: Ohashi Ayaka (Yamabuki Saaya)

Yamamoto Sayaka/Cure Romance

Yamamoto Sayaka is a third-year elementary student with a big heart and big dreams. Her parents have recently divorced, which has affected her in a big way. She is constantly looking for attention, which annoys Nina. Due to an early growth spurt, she is almost as tall as the fifth years. Because of this, she feels the need to dress extra cute to attract people.

Yamamoto Sayaka/Cure Romance

Throughout the series, she becomes less spoiled and more appreciative. She’s popular with boys in her grade but has eyes only on Haruhi, who is sort of creeped out by her. With her friends and fairy partner, Fable, she learns that she doesn’t need a romantic partner to have value and that the greatest love one can give is to themselves. As Cure Romance, her theme color is white, with sub colors pink and red. She is based on romantic novels.

Intro: “Telling the lovely story! Protector of love and affection! I am Cure Romance!”

VA/Singer: Maeshima Ami (Aya Maruyama)

Fairy Companions



Alice is the main companion of the cures. Although she is mostly seen in Human form, her fairy form is still able to be accessed. Her human appearance somewhat resembles the titular character of ‘Alice In Wonderland.’ And her fairy appearance is that of a bunny. Alice is shown to be overly talkative and hyper at times, as her only human interaction before Raze’s rebellion was between her and two other people. Despite her ditzy persona, she is also very motherly and acts as a second guardian for the cures. When the time comes, she can be serious, as shown in the prologue.

Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Fablessence Alarica The Third

When not in Dimension Zero, she has weakened powers. But in her home dimension, she is almost omnipotent. The only person that's been able to strike her down in their homeworld in Raze. Otherwise known as her protegé, Peter. She is almost 900 years old (although she looks to be in her early twenties) and is nearing the end of her lifespan. Around the end of the series, her image begins to flicker—signaling her time is almost up.

VA: Uesaka Sumire (Shirasagi Chisato)


Fable (AKA Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Fablessence Alarica The Third) is a small owl fairy rescued in episode 12. She becomes Sayaka’s companion after the youngest cure saves her from a void in her destroyed homeworld.

She is a spoiled princess—Literally. Fable was a princess where she’s from and has a huge ego. She and Sayaka get along because they are little rat children (although one is technically an owl).

VA: Yoshida Yuri (Kitazawa Hagumi)

The Shattered Reality Army


Raze is the main villain of the series. Raze used to be named Peter. He was born to be the next Bookkeeper and was trained by Alice for the first 448 years of their life. After turning on her, he compiled an army of brainwashed soldiers from around the multiverse. Along with his three generals, Dewey, Deci, and Mal, He searches Hanaheiya for the 45 Otherworld Keys. He rarely leaves the overtaken Dimension Zero, as his powers are greatly weakened when they are there.

VA: Hyuuga Daisuke (Goryo Yuto)



Dewey is an illiterate dummy. He thinks he has good intentions but is blinded by Raze’s confidence. He makes impulsive decisions and likes to steal.

Most of the time he attacks for the fun of it and believes that the Pretty Cure are monsters sent to stop him from having a good time. His physical appearance is that of a ten-year-old, but mentally, he’s around seven.

VA: Seto Asami (Raichi Hoshimiya)



Deci is an angsty teen who hates everything except her little brother Dewey. She resembles a mean girl in middle school. She loves attention and will do anything to get it. She’s also very strong. She can rip a book in half and will rip a book in half.

VA: Kudou Haruka (Sayo Hikawa)


As his name implies, he is awful. Mal is clever and manipulative, as he is the one who tricked Dewey into stealing—Which began his stealing problem.

VA: Ogasawara Jin (Nayuta Asahi)


Löschens (Pronounced leu-shen) are the series' monsters of the week. Their appearances depends on what book the Otherworld Key has hidden in. Every Löschen has gloves and a large open book on their chest, which is where the stolen Bookmark resides. They are summoned when an Otherworld Key is found by a general. With time, the Löschen’s dark energy corrupts and destroys the Bookmark, endangering the world it leads to.

Supporting Characters

Ikari Nozomu

Nozomu, otherwise known as Ikari-Sensei, is the fifth grade English teacher at Hanaheiya Public Academy. He and his wife Hanayo are the first civilian adults to find out about the girls’ Cure identities. At first, Nozomu does not approve. He discourages the girls, saying it’s too dangerous for children their age. But after he is saved by Cure Fantasy, Mystery, and History, he becomes slightly more open to the idea of the girls fighting the Löschen’s. He and Hanayo soon become the group’s mentors in a way. Nozomu teaches them strategy and helps them when they’re hurt. Along with being the English Teacher, he's skilled with first aid. This makes him a valuable member of the team, as he dresses the girls’ wounds. Nozomu's birth name is Luca. But because he wanted to fit into Japanese standard, he adopted the name Nozomu. His wife calls him “Lulu” based on his birth name. He’s half Italian, and bonds with Nina over their darker skin and the fact that they’re multilingual.

VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Suzukawa Naoto)

Ikari Hanayo

Ikari Hanayo

Hanayo, otherwise known as Ikariyo-Sensei, is the fifth grade Japanese Literature teacher at Hanaheiya Public Academy. She and her husband Nozomu are the Cure’s closest allies. After she witnesses the girls saving her husband, she decides that it’d be better if they had adults watching over them, and assigns herself and Nozomu as the Cure’s mentors. Along with teaching Japanese Literature, Hanayo is skilled in Jiu-Jitsu and sword fighting. To help improve the group’s combat ability, she passes down her knowledge onto them. She's a strict but kind instructor.

VA: Hikasa Yoko (Udagwa Tomoe)

Tojo Sonomi

Principal Tojo (Known un-professionally as ‘Sonomi-Chan’ by Alice), Is the principal of Hanaheiya Public Academy. She’s a no-nonsense go-getter who is stern as she is sweet (on the inside, of course). Sonomi is often seen walking around the school, always needing to be somewhere. She loves children but feels as if she can’t show too much kindness towards them because of her position. As soon as she meets Alice, she’s captivated. But she can’t show it—Opting to show aggression and hostility instead.

VA: Kaya Matsutani (Orihime Mitsuishi)

Ikari Lucia

Ikari Lucia

Lucia is Nozomu's younger sister and an aspiring mangaka. She attends a university nearby Hanaheiya and is currently rooming at Nozomu and Hanayo's apartment. She's introduced in Episode 17 as a convention artist who befriends Haruhi and Sayaka. Lucia is an energetic and passionate girl who loves storytelling almost as much as she loves her family and friends.

VA: Ishikawa Yui (Shinjo Hinaki)

Esperanza Granada

Esperanza, otherwise known as Abuelita, is Nina’s beloved grandmother. She is from Nina’s mom’s side and deeply resents her estranged daughter for leaving her family. She originally came to Japan with Nina’s mother, who was taking a job offer. Esperanza tells everyone to call her “Abuelita.” She’s very close with her family. She tries to give Nina the best of both sides of her family’s culture. She’s super sweet and loving, but if you mess with her family, she goes berserk. Family is the most important thing to her, and she cherishes Nina and her son-in-law above all else.

VA: Kikuko Inoue (Amahane Asuka)


Key Items

  • Cure Diary
    • The Cures' transformation item. When the cures shout “Pretty Cure! Start My Story!” it begins glowing. After they run the brush through their hair and they transform.
  • Cure Key
    • The key that must be inserted into the lock on a Cure Diary in order to transform.


  • PrePage
    • The bracelet and small pages on each cures’ wrists. They hold each cures’ main weapon and can deploy their shield. Along with that, they give the girls the ability to perform status attack.
  • Starry Plume
    • Cure Fantasy’s main attack weapon. It acts as a sword and magic wand. It is said to be able to cut through solid steel
  • Classical Arc
    • Cure History’s main attack weapon. It acts as a sword and magic wand. It is said to be able to cut through solid steel
  • Curious Quill
    • Cure Mystery’s main attack weapon. It acts as a sword and magic wand. It is said to be able to cut through solid steel
  • Heartfelt Grip
    • Cure Romance’s main attack weapon. It acts as a sword and magic wand. It is said to be able to cut through solid steel


  • Bookmark Box
    • The Magical container in which recovered Bookmarks are held.
  • Otherworld Keys/Bookmarks
    • There are 45 bookmarks in existence. Which corresponds to the 45 alternate universes. To enter a world, a Key must be inserted into the Chronicles of Life. The only ones who have the power to travel to other dimensions with only the bookmark and without the Chronicles are the Bookkeeper and their protegé.


  • Hanaheiya
    • The town in which StoryPre takes place.
  • Hanaheiya Public Elementary
    • The cure’s school and Alice, Hanayo, and Nozomu’s workplace.
  • Hanaheiya Elementary Library
    • The room where the StoryPre team meets for ‘Study Sessions’ AKA Team Meetings
  • Abe Manor
    • The Abe family’s mansion. Also where The group meets outside of school.


  • If canon, StoryPre would be the first season to focus on elementary-aged children instead of middle and high school.
  • StoryPre is the second season to focus on stories. The first being Smile Precure.
  • The Creators, DoubleAko and Precure Otaku, scrapped their first series, Cheers Pretty Cure, in favor of this series.
  • The story is available on the Pretty Cure Amino, Quotev, Ao3, and Tumblr.