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Rise! Reverie Pretty Cure (ライズ!レベリプリキュア Raizu! Reberi Purikyua) is a fanseries created by snow-will-fall. It is based around RPG classes, colors, and fantasy geared aesthetics.


“Once upon a time… my life changed.”

Life stays still for a girl who does not smile. 16-year old Nakano Kaname lives life quietly at her boarding school, a dull and grey life awaiting her each time she gets out of bed.

Life moves too fast for battle duo Warren and Clover, two members of Memoria Kingdom who are desperate to find their lost warriors and save their people from an outside, destructive source who wants their precious items to conquer the whole world, the Witch Coven. Kaname just happens to be in their path, and color begins to emerge in her field of view.


Pretty Cure

Kaname Nakano (中野 要芽; Nakano Kaname) / Cure Virago (キュア ビラゴ; Kyua Birāgo)

  • Age: 16
  • Voiced by: Hayami Saori
  • Intro: “Of power and will, I stand tall! A Paladin of Memoria, Cure Virago!"
  • Attacks: 
  • RPG Class: Paladin
  • Theme Colors: Purple and silver

The leader of Rise! Reverie, even though she doesn't exactly want to be. Kaname is an enigma, someone who keeps her mouth shut and walks through the halls silently adorning dark circles under her eyes. No one really knows who she is, even if they've had classes with her for a few years. Quiet, introverted, anti-social, Kaname clearly isn't interested in talking. She keeps a lot inside, but is truly a kindhearted person through her negativity, she just hasn't exactly lead a nice life. She likes to read and write, especially poems, and also secretly likes to sing. When she isn't at school, she is back at home with her adoptive mom on her tiny farm. She believes she will never be happy, but that soon changes...

Cornelia "Cora" Togō (東郷 コーネリア; Togō Kōneria) / Cure Leviathan (キュア リヴァイアサン; Kyua Rivu~aiasan)

  • Age: 16
  • Voiced by: Kobayashi Aika
  • Intro: “Of strength and perseverance, I fly high! A warrior of Memoria, Cure Leviathan!"
  • Attacks: 
  • RPG Class: Warrior
  • Theme Colors: Pink and cyan

The second cure of Rise! Reverie. She recently transferred to the Cure's school, formerly from the Netherlands. She is suffering from recent trauma of losing her leg in a fire accident, and is using crutches to get around. Kaname is the person who carries her school things if she needs her to, as they have the same classes and schedule. Cora's exterior is cold and unwilling to talk, especially if people pester her about her personal life, but if you respect her and want to get to know her, you'll learn she is a sarcastic, humorous person who is fond of video games and anime, even though she would rather not admit it. She is trying her best to stay in shape. She has braces which she is very conscious of, and barely ever smiles with her teeth (even tho she has a super cute smile).

Hinata Tsumiki (罪木 日向 Tsumiki Hinata) / Cure Titania (キュア チタニア; Kyua Titania)

  • Age: 17
  • Voiced by: Fairouz Ai
  • Intro: “Of skill and mischief, I glide forward! A Rogue of Memoria, Cure Titania!"
  • Attacks: 
  • RPG Class: Rogue
  • Theme Colors: Green and yellow

Infamous or famous? With Hinata, it's hard to say. Hinata is the resident troublemaker and class clown who enjoys being around chaos. Her whole life is surrounded with humor and having fun. She enjoys teasing her friends and pulling pranks on them, both harmless and maybe crossing their boundaries. She is definitely someone who is immature and brash, which could be a big turn off for those who want to get to know her. She likes to say she is a "comic relief character" and asks for everyone to treat her as such. It seems like she doesn't take herself seriously, and considers herself a comic relief character... jokingly. She is the vice captain of Okutari's girl volleyball team.

??? / Cure Rise (キュアライズ; Kyua Raizu)

  • Age: ???
  • Voiced by: She doesn't speak.
  • Intro: ...
  • Attacks: 
  • RPG Class: ???
  • Theme Colors: Red

No one can pinpoint who she is, not even Warren or Clover. She wears a mask, a bodysuit under her clothes, and never talks, her identity completely concealed. She mostly does behind the scenes work.


Warren (ウォレン; U~oren)

Originally from Memoria Kingdom, Warren was sent to find the three cures along with Clover. He not very suited for the job, however being dense, cowardly, and cry-baby. Though, he feels that no one is terrible and always wants to give others a second chance, which is what gets him through each task he takes on. He can be surprisingly mature, often counseling Kaname when she's sad or giving advice to the cures on how to act during battles. He is physically capable, but his mentality gets in the way whenever the chance comes to show off his abilities.

Clover (クローバー Kurōbā)

  • Age: 21
  • Voiced by: 
  • RPG Class: Monk

A slightly hot-headed girl. Clover is a stern, mature type of figure who was sent to find the three cures along with Warren. She is the one who looks out for Warren and makes sure he doesn't get into any trouble. While her words may appear cold, she always means well if its towards an ally. She is a nurturing person in her own way, often tending to the girls or friends who may need aid. She is incredibly musically-inclined, and performed often for the nobles in Memoria kingdom.

Queen Medea

  • Age: gasp secret!!!! a lady u n u never u n u tells u n u her u n u age u n u !!
  • Voiced by: i dont knowwwwwwwwww

From what Warren and Clover say, Queen Medea is a benevolent, strong woman who does what is best for her kingdom and its factions. She has a keen eye for potential.

The Witch Coven

The Witch Coven is an organization/community created by a rebel who originated from Memoria Kingdom. They gathered a multitude of people from both the kingdom and elsewhere, be it earth or even a different planet, and has lead them under their rule for a long time. Their goal is to create peace and cause a change within Memoria Kingdom and its factions. The Big Bad(tm) has given mythology related names to their important higher ranked people bc idk i think that's fun. Most of them aren't actually witches. The big bad just thought the name was cool


Hades is one of the main antagonists in Reverie, being the most frequent opponent to show up in series. He is only a teenager, but has a lot of fight and passion in him. He enjoys the thrill of danger and makes every move to disrupt the peace for the Pretty Cure. Also he is angery. Angery man with angery soul. For some reason, he cannot remember anything about himself before he joined The Witch Coven. Oooo mystery wowww.


  • Age: ???? like tiny. liek 13. 14.
  • Voiced by: girl

Who let this 13 year old fight with monsters and stuff? I guess that's me but we don't question logistics in fiction haha. Lilith is a young girl who is basically everyone's kid in The Witch Coven. If anything happened to her they'd kill everyone and then themselves and blablabla. She tries to be mature and hold a formal air, but being around her fellow members allows her to be more comfortable with being a young kid still. She latches onto Hades, seeing him as an older bro whether he likes it or not tm.


  • Age: BAHHH adult man
  • Voiced by: another adult man

Lights, camera, action, this man is full of spunk and shine! He likes to think, anyways? He's kind of annoying? However, that does not matter! He is a star, thank you very much, and likes to show it wherever he goes. Artemis has learned the art of persuasion and is a front man for The Witch Coven. Underneath is very very annoying, painful personality, he is a big reason as to why there is a good harmony within the Coven itself. He is also very sparkly and irritating in battle so that's cool.


  • Age: AHHH adult lady
  • Voiced by: adult lady wow

AWOOOOO, Fenrir is a wolf girl with a lot of 'tude (akakaka attitude). She likes to laugh at people's misery because why not, man? She's seen some shit(tm) and is usually easy to tick off. However, being a wolf and all, she is familial by nature and treats everyone in the Coven as her family, yes, even Artemis, who sucks. She loves to play around with magic is could literally be a witch if she wanted. Witch wolf sounds fun


  • Age: dude dis the boss.
  • Voiced by: haha

The big bad big man of The Witch Coven... or is he??? Azrael isn't actually all that bad. He is a caring, gentle dude who holds a lot of care and love towards the community he has created. While he is seen to be a bad guy, he believes he is just doing what is just for him and those he takes care of. He puts his members needs before his own without fail, and makes sure he is treating his workers fairly. By all means, Azrael is someone who actively tries to be a good person... we are confused.

Side Characters

Amagawa, Hiro

  • Age: 16
  • Voiced by: 
  • Imagined RPG Class: Cleric

A classmate acquainted with Kaname. He is easily defined by the headphones that always rest on his shoulders. He gives off a simple, average vibe with most people he interacts with. Lol mr. plain boring man

Hideki, Chihaya

  • Age: 17
  • Voiced by: 
  • Imagined RPG Class: Songstress/Dancer

A sweet girl who accompanies most of the Okutari students mentioned on this list. She is helpful, kind, and eager to learn.

Yamaguchi, Kaito

  • Age: 17
  • Voiced by: 
  • Imagined RPG Class: Ranger

Hinata's boyfriend, god help him, is what most students say. As the student council president, you'd wonder why someone so clean would be with someone so... not. Quiet at nature, Kaito is an organized person who is quite fit for his position. Seems like he and Hinata have some weird past.

Kuwata, Hibiki

  • Age: 16
  • Voiced by: 
  • Imagined RPG Class: Healer

While a bit dense, Hibiki is a good guy at heart. He is Hinata's main target in mayhem, sadly for him. His life has known no silence since she's brought him into her shenanigans. He can be easily influenced, like genuinely thinking anime and manga can serve as awesome advice when it comes to situations he does not know how to deal with for instance. He is very tired please help him

Taru, Ilya

  • Age: 18
  • Voiced by: 
  • Imagined RPG Class: Mage

A patient that resides at a hospital close to where the Cures are. While sickly, she's a talented pianist who seems to know Hinata well.


  • Reverie Stone: A magical stone that has kept Memoria kingdom from destruction. It has been guarded within the Kingdom for eons, but Queen Medea took it from its place and gave it to Warren and Clover in hopes they find warriors to help Memoria in its time of need. It is able to detect magical energy in any being, big or small. The only way to find out if you are a Pretty Cure is if you touch it, as it will spawn a Fantasy Pact.
  • Fantasy Pact: The transformation device the Cures use. It is a small, silver pouch with a jewel hanging at its side. It sits on the Cure's waist on their outfit when transformed.


  • Memoria Kingdom: The overarching location that Warren and Clover come from. Various beings reside in this world, fantastical or not. Memoria is the main faction that rules over all, but there are other factions that make up the kingdom.
    • Virago: A more human-based faction, but many walks of life are also seen here. Formerly ruled by a selfless leader. A close-knit bunch.
    • Levia: A dragon-based faction. Formerly ruled by an organized leader. Legacy is valued here.
    • Titana: A fairy and fae-based faction. Formerly ruled by a chaotic, but kind leader. Of course, as fairies and fae are seen as mischievous creatures, the faction itself has the same vibe. However, it is all in good fun.
    • ???: It has been mentioned by Clover and Warren that another faction exists, but they have not been relevant to the events that happened between the kingdom and the Witches' Coven. It is implied that they keep to themselves.
  • Okutari Academy: A boarding school and the main setting of Rise!.


  • Rise! Reverie Pretty Cure was loosely inspired by the Fire Emblem franchise and its dynamics.
  • This series is a revamp of Rise! Fantasy Pretty Cure.
  • I impulsively decided to write this page so here we are