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Pretty Cure no Densetsu! (プリキュアの伝説! Purikyua no Densetsu!?), officially translated as "The Legend of Pretty Cure!", is a magical girl/boy anime (fan)series by toan (DENEBOON). The series' main motifs are Japanese mythology/folklore and Shintō religion, while its sub-motifs are clouds and the sky, as well as fruits and flowers. Its themes are supernatural occurrences, mystery, overcoming personal weakness or fear, the dangers of ignorance, and changing traditions.


Pretty Cure no Densetsu! Episodes

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Pretty Cure

  • Nagato Ryuugu (龍宮永戸 Ryūgū Nagato?) - A deeply cynical second-year student. Overall, he's pretty aloof and down-to-earth, but he doesn't have the patience to deal with people who cant follow his logic. He has difficulty openly expressing his emotions, and would rather act bewildered than take action in difficult situations. He also tends to harshly judge other people, and many of his friends suspect that he's more than a little misanthropic. Nagato doesn't have a funny bone in his body, and ends up accidentally taking things said in jest completely at face value, much to his embarrassment. Unlike most others, he's very unenthusiastic about the supernatural happenings around the town of Minahoro, as he has the unique ability to see the physical forms of Youkai. Nagato forges a pact with Amaterasu to become Cure Asahi (キュアアサヒ Kyua Asahi?), the warrior of the sun. His theme colour is pink and his symbol is a peach blossom.
    • CV: Tasuku Hatanaka / Sean Chiplock
  • Une Kaijou (海城雨音 Kaijō Une?) - A two-faced honour student in Nagato's class. While she makes a great first impression as an upstanding, charismatic, and level-headed young lady, her true nature is a lot more malevolent. As someone who is highly socially aware, Une uses her interpersonal intelligence to purposefully get under people's skin, to manipulate them or otherwise. She acts belligerent and smug to anyone who criticizes her personality, and she hates nothing more than people digging into her personal life. She thinks very highly of herself— at least in the presence of other people. It takes her a long while to treat the other cures like anything but muck scraped from the bottom of her shoe. Une forges a pact with Susano'o to become Cure Nami (キュアナミ Kyua Nami?). Her theme colour is blue and her symbol is a plum blossom.
    • CV: Ayahi Takagaki / Kira Buckland
  • Minari Kumori (雲折美鳴 Kumori Minari?) - A second-year student who is overflowing with vitality and optimism. She loves to make new friends and partake in new experiences. Minari somewhat naively believes there is goodness in everyone, and its for this reason that she ends up feeding the egos of people like Une who have utterly rotten personalities. Even before the story, Minari is Une's cheerleader whether she likes it or not. Her presence can sometimes be overwhelming, and she even diffidently jokes that she sucks the energy out of her classmates in order to keep herself going. Her sense of humour is wholly absurd at times, and she enjoys wordplay. Minari forges a pact with Raijin to become Cure Denki (キュアデンキ Kyua Denki?). Her theme colour is yellow and her symbol is an orange blossom.
    • CV: Kokoro Kikuchi / Kate Higgins
  • Shizuku Hirawa (平輪閑玖 Hirawa Shizuku?) - A delinquent who keeps her distance from her schoolmates. Her reputation is one of rowdiness and rigor, and there are even some adults who'd hate to cross paths with her. She is both physically and mentally tough, and seems to have no fears. When the situation calls for it, Shizuku displays a lot of responsibility and an intense sisterly instinct (especially towards her younger brother). Despite her distant personality, her assertiveness comes in handy when mediation is necessary. Surprisingly, Shizuku appreciates wit, and has a lighthearted side that often creeps out in the heat of the moment. Shizuku forges a pact with Fuujin to become Cure Tatsumaki (キュアタツマキ Kyua Tatsumaki?). Her theme colour is red and her symbol is a strawberry blossom.
    • CV: Sayaka Kinoshita / Dorothy Elias Fahn
  • Youichi Tsukinoe (月ノ会陽一 Tsukinoe Yōichi?) - A second-year student with a calm and lackadaisical demeanour. He is clumsy and kinda clueless, but it's pointless to make fun of him for it. He isn't very high energy, but like Minari he has an overwhelmingly positive aura. In class he loses focus within minutes (and it's not rare to catch him falling asleep), but he could ramble for hours about things he's interested in. He frequently misplaces his belongings and cant parse verbal directions. His favourite hobby is drawing, but he regrettably never finishes his sketches. Although he's introverted, he enjoys the presence of other people. Youichi forges a pact with Tsukuyomi to become Cure Usagi (キュアウサギ Kyua Usagi?). His theme colour is purple and his symbol is an apricot blossom.
    • CV: Junya Enoki / Kyle McCarley
  • Sakuya Morohoshi (諸星朔夜 Morohoshi Sakuya?) - A rather straight-faced middle schooler who lacks friends. She has been deathly shy and very easily startled since she was a child. Although no longer as timid when placed in social situations as she was before, she still prefers to keep to herself, and tends to brace for the worst in any uncertain scenario. She has a very difficult time getting to know other people, and she feels that sometimes her classmates pretend she doesn't exist. Like Nagato, Sakuya can see the physical forms of Youkai, but she's much too worried about standing out to mention it to anyone. She loves fluffy and cute things. Sakuya forges a pact with Amaterasu to become Cure Hikari (キュアヒカリ Kyua Hikari?). Her theme colour is white and her symbol is a cherry blossom.
    • CV: Tsumugi Okura / Eden Riegel

Mascots and Allies

  • Jamu the Swindler (詐欺師ジャム Sagi-shi Jamu?)- A cocky, smooth-talking tanuki from Takamagahara. They are particularly greedy, and used to scam mortals out of their possessions before Amaterasu put an end to their con. Since then, Jamu (and their brother Pai) have become the attendants of the Chrysanthemum Room. When the Youkai breached Takamagahara, Pai disappeared with them, and Jamu made a deal with Amaterasu that she'd let them visit Yomi no Kuni to rescue him if they helped find the cures and retrieved the Ring of Takamagahara.
    • CV: Kayo Ishida
  • Sunao Kourogi (興侶素直 Kōrogi Sunao?) - The boy who sits beside Nagato in class. He is rarely seen without a black surgical mask covering his face. He has a rather sickly appearance that many people are off-put by, and some even believe that he's a ghost or demon who has either possessed one of their classmates or has taken human form. Sunao doesn't really care about the specifics of the rumours, but he's hardly as sinister as they'd suggest. He's actually very smart and particularly well versed in folklores and local ghost stories. After accidentally learning of the cures' identities, he becomes an honorary member of the team.
    • CV: Hikaru Midorikawa


  • Izanami (イザナミ Izanami?) - A motherly goddess who commands both creation and death. Once the wife of Izanagi and Japan's co-creator Izanagi, Izanami died a tragic death and was reduced to a decaying monster doomed to rot in the deepest parts of the land of the dead. For eons she has desired to return to Takamagahara, but is unable to due to being one with Yomi no Kuni. She resents her husband, as he willingly abandoned her after witnessing her monstrous new form.
    • CV: You Taichi
  • Pai (パイ Pai?) - Jamu's timid younger brother. After getting lost in Yomi no Kuni, Izanami took him under her wing, and now treats him like a son.
    • CV: Maria Naganawa

The Youkai Generals

A group of powerful Youkai who receive orders directly from Izanami, and control lesser Youkai.

  • Kappa (カッパ Kappa?) - A turtle youkai who will fight anything that moves. He never turns down a challenge.
    • CV: Koichi Yamadera
  • Amabie (アマビエ Amabie?) - An illness-warding mermaid youkai. She is always mulling about how lonely she is.
    • CV: Hitomi Hase
  • Bakeneko (カベネコ Bakeneko?) - An unmotivated, non-confrontational, two-tailed cat demon who would rather laze around than fight the cures. His personality takes a dangerous turn every night, however.
    • CV: Minoru Shiraishi
  • Onibara (オニバラ Onibara?) - A headstrong oni girl who acts before thinking.
    • CV: Maya Enoyoshi
  • Tengu (テング Tengu?) - A bird-like man who speaks in riddles.
    • CV: Tarusuke Shingaki
  • Yukionna (ユキオンナ Yukion'na?) - An adult woman whose heart is cold as ice. She has a chilling aura, and never loses her temper.
    • CV: Akina Abe


  • Youkai (ヨーカイ Yōkai?) - Demons responsible for the strange happenings in Minahoro. They can be controlled by inhabitants of Yomi no Kuni, which is why they are usually kept sealed away in Takamagahara after being captured by Okuninushi (or historically, the Pretty Cures).
  • The Minahoro Shinigami (海南幌の死神 Minahoro no Shinigami?) - An urban legend pervading Minahoro, allegedly connected to series of strange deaths around a decade ago. The Shinigami is said to control its victims and lure them into danger.

Supporting Cast


  • Amaterasu (アマテラス Amaterasu?) - Full name Amaterasu-O-Mikami, the Kami of the sun and current ruler of Takamagahara. She is very solemn and graceful, but lets loose when she's on edge to disguise her nervousness.
    • CV: Yuko Kasahara
  • Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ Tsukuyomi?) - Full name Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu's brother. He usually speaks quietly and carefully, but when it comes to his sister, he has trouble holding his tongue. He and Amaterasu were not on speaking terms before disaster struck.
    • CV: Toshiki Masuda
  • Susanoo (スサノオ Susano'o?) - Full name Susanoo no-Mikoto, Amaterasu's brother and the Kami of the sea and storms. He's much more impetuous than his older siblings, but highly respected by other gods and mortals for his heroic deeds.
    • CV: Shinichiro Miki
  • Ookuninushi (オークニヌシ Ōkuninushi?) - A former terrestrial god who now acts as a warden of Youkai in Takamagahara. He ended up in this position after he enraged Susano'o, which is a much too common occurrence.
    • CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Shirousagi (シロウサギ Shirousagi?) - A wise old hare who accompanies Ookuninushi wherever he goes. She feels responsible for keeping the fresh and troublesome god in check.
    • CV: Yoshino Ootori
  • Ryuujin (リュージン Ryūjin?) - A dragon-like Kami who lives in the ocean and guards the Divine Sediment. Many of the other Kami call him "Gramps" due to his hardened, wise personality.
    • CV: Kenta Miyake
  • Inari (イナリ Inari?) - The alluring fox Kami who operates the first Divine Mortar. She likes to play "games" with mortals.
    • CV: Rie Tanaka
  • Kagutsuchi (カグツチ Kagutsuchi?) - A blacksmith Kami who crafted the Ring, and now operates the second Divine Mortar.
    • CV: Takehito Koyasu
  • Uke Mochi (ウケ・モチ Uke Mochi?) - The Kami of food who was once killed by Tsukuyomi and resurrected by Amaterasu. She operates the third Divine Mortar. She has a monotone voice and treats everyone with indifference.
    • CV: Minami Shinoda
  • Omoikane (オモイカネ Omoikane?) - A mysterious Kami of wisdom who is unnaturally calm, and operates the fourth Divine Mortar. He rarely speaks.

Yuuhimine Students

  • Etsuya Budoukawa (葡萄川えつや Budōkawa Etsuya?) - A close friend of Nagato.
    • CV: Natsuki Hanae
  • Tatsumi Haneta (羽太たつみ Haneta Tatsumi?) - A close friend of Nagato.
    • CV: Takuya Eguchi
  • Tsubami Tomuro - A classmate of the cures. She is extremely shy but very kindhearted.
  • Yasuo Ariga and Motoki Karakida - Two students who frequently terrorize Sunao.

Yuuhimine Staff


  • Iori Ryuuguu / Officer Ryuuguu - Nagato's father. He is a police officer.
  • Kurime Isshiki - Nagato's maternal grandmother.
  • Kawami Ryuuguu - Nagato's mother. She is a beautician.
  • Kaneuchi Kaijou - Une's father. He is the mayor of Minahoro.
  • Chiyuri Kaijou - Une's mother. She is a doctor working overseas.
  • Kaneda Kaijou - Une's 19 year old brother. He is a Kannushi at the Kagenoki Shrine.
  • Mitama Kaijou - Une's 11 year old sister. She is a shrine maiden at the Kagenoki Shrine.
  • Eriko Kaijou - Une's paternal aunt. She is a retired shrine maiden who continues to perform clerical duties at the Kagenoki Shrine. She is very strict.
  • Densuke Kumori - Minari's father. He is the owner of Pon Kumori.
  • Masae Kumori - Minari's 17 year old brother.
  • Shigekiyo Kumori - Minari's 16 year old brother.
  • Donbei - A stray cat that likes hanging around Pon Kumori. He is very fat, but extremely resilient.
  • Kaaya Hirawa - Shizuku's missing mother. She was an elementary school teacher.
  • Susumu Hirawa - Shizuku's 13 year-old brother.
  • Jin Tsukinoe - Youichi's 28 year old cousin and legal guardian.
  • Rikichi Morohoshi - Sakuya's father. He is a part-time courier whose main occupation is software engineering.
  • Seiko Morohoshi - Sakuya's mother. She is a geologist.


  • Genmei Kourogi / Detective Kourogi - Sunao's late mother and the former head detective of Minahoro's police department. Her research was mainly focused on Youkai.
  • Toumei - A ghost bound to the forests of Minahoro. The Minahoro Shinigami was responsible for her death, and she was cursed to be unable to reveal the evil entity's true nature. Her full name is Toumei Morohoshi, and she was Sakuya's older sister.
    • CV: Yume Miyamoto
  • Yuzuru Ezura - A psychiatrist in his thirties who lives a quiet life in Minahoro. His true identity is the Minahoro Shinigami.
  • Mikoto - A young girl from the Era of Japan's creation. As the first Pretty Cure, she was responsible for sealing away the Youkai who escaped Yomi no Kuni in the aftermath of Izanagi's visitation of Izanami. She bears a striking resemblance to Amaterasu.


  • Divine Jewel (天珠 Tenju?) - Precious stones unearthed from the Divine Sediment that let the cures transform. The cures wear them as different pieces of jewelry.
  • Ring of Takamagahara - A ring created by Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi that contains a fraction of Izanagi's power, entrusted to Toumei before her death for safe keeping. After slipping out of Toumei's possession, it was discovered by Kurime Isshiki, who then passed it down to her grandson Nagato Ryuuguu. Jamu was sent to earth to find the ring.
  • Divine Weapons
    • Ryuu no Tachi
    • Umi no Yumi
    • Kaminari no Taiko
    • Kamikaze no Gunsen
    • Mangetsu no Naginata
    • Hoshi no Shuriken
  • Divine Mortars - Four large cannons powered by divine magic that surround Minahoro and prevent the escape of any Youkai, as to contain the divine conflict in the immediate area. Each of the four is operated by a god or goddess.
  • Spirit-Sealing Urn - A magical object given to the cures by Ookuninushi, which can seal away Youkai temporarily until he can properly return them to confinement in Takamagahara.


  • Minahoro (海南幌 Minahoro?) - A coastal town made up of the former townships of Kawata and Kagenoura. It lies deep within a forest in southern Japan, and is relatively isolated. A strange red fog surrounds the entire town.
    • Kagenoura River - A river that once separated Kawata and the larger neighbouring town of Kagenoura.
    • Kagenoki Shrine - Minahoro's largest and most popular shrine, where Amaterasu is enshrined. The shrine has been maintained by the Kaijou family since the founding of Kagenoura.
    • Yuuhimine Secondary School - A high school in Minahoro. Nagato, Une, Minari, Shizuku, and Youichi are second years.
    • Kawata Gifted Academy - A private school across the Kagenoura River. It is being consumed by the fog, but its students don't seem too concerned about this.
    • Pon Kumori - A takoyaki/pon gashi shop owned by Minari's father.
  • Divine Sediment
  • Takamagahara
    • Chrysanthemum Room
  • Yomi no Kuni

Other Media



  • The town of Minahoro is based on Kanazawa, Ishikawa.
  • Jamu and Pai are placeholder names but knowing me they will not be placeholders within like a year
  • nagato and sunao are in love (source: common sense in my brain)