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Pretty Cure Safe⚓Harbor is ameliette's first Precure fanseries. It has a theme of elements, mostly water and ocean. It is slated for 24 episodes, a movie, and several omakes.


In the Land of Elements, the recently crowned King of Fire of Solaris has attacked Aquaria's castle, killing the king and the two princes. With her bodyguards brainwashed and hostile, Queen Meera sends her daughter Sara to the Land of Aether to recruit the legendary Pretty Cure warriors, in hopes they will find the Great White, destined to defeat the King of Fire.

Sara arrives on Earth and runs into a highschooler named Kestrel Prongs, who lives on a giant floating city called Lotuspad. Then the Embereds arrive, and the Pretty Cures must be found before the monsters destroy the remnants of the human society!



Carla Fierro / Cure Ring


Voiced By: Annituuli Kasurinen (FI)
Intro: Splashing through the waves with untamable passion! Cure Ring!
Main Attack: TBA
Sub-attacks: TBA
Theme Color: pink/red

Carla was born in Texas, but her family moved to the Lotuspad when she was five. She has two siblings, Nina and Nico, and their mom is a nurse. Despite the girly appearance, Carla is very sporty, and is usually rollerblading everywhere. This was also how she befriended Zola in first grade. Carla isn't that interested in schoolwork, so she considers her Cure duties a good distraction.

Her Cure identity is Cure Ring, and she represents the ringed seal of Atlantic Ocean, and she has power over wind and storms.

Manami Yukimura / Cure Spinner


Voiced By: Mirjami Heikkinen (FI)
Intro: Leaping through the waves with undeniable grace! Cure Spinner!
Main Attack: TBA
Sub-attacks: TBA
Theme Color: blue

Manami is the only child of a Japanese couple living on one of the other floating cities. She applied to study at Infinitas Academica at her parents' request, and is now flatmates with Tahira and Zola. Manami is somewhat of a bookworm, and reads most school material ahead of time, usually out of boredom. Her favorite subjects are math and physics. Not interested in being a Cure, and keeps arguing with Carla over what having a CureClip means.

Her Cure identity, Cure Spinner, represents the spinner dolphin and the Pacific Ocean, and her attacks are fire and volcano themed.

Tahira Malik / Cure Caretta


Voiced By: Emma Vihervaara (FI)
Intro: Swimming through the waves with unwavering faith! Cure Caretta!
Main Attack: Pretty Caretta Quake
Sub-attacks: Caretta Rumble
Theme Color: green

Tahira is also a transfer student, but from a different city than Manami. Her Pakistani family consists of herself, her parents and her younger sister. In Infi, she is in the same class as Kestrel, and shares an apartment with Manami and Zola. Tahira likes to spend her off hours either in the library or in the sports courts. She is also a very good cook.

As Cure Caretta, she represents the Indian Ocean and is named after the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta). Her attacks are earth-themed.

Alice Blanchett / Cure Polar


Voiced By: Henna Haverinen (FI)
Intro: Breaking through the waves with unstoppable strength! Cure Polar!
Main Attack: TBA
Sub-attacks: TBA
Theme Color: yellow/orange

Alice is the younger sister in a French-Canadian family of four. Her mom Liliane is French, and her dad Adrian is from Canada, and she has a older brother Duane. Aside from Adrian, all are nekeras. The family runs a popular cafe near the school, and their home is upstairs of the cafe. Alice has known Kestrel since they were little, and has usually been in the same class, but this year they ended up in different groups. She might not be a very good cook, but she appreciates any good food and is always in search of the ultimate snack.

She transforms into Cure Polar, in which form she represents the polar bear and the Arctic Sea, and has aurora-themed attacks.

Zola Wright / Cure Emperor


Voiced By: Jenni Sivonen (FI)
Intro: Waddling through the waves with unbreakable loyalty! Cure Emperor!
Main Attack: TBA
Sub-attacks: TBA
Theme Color: purple

Zola is an orphan from South Africa. Her parents were lost after the 2021 tsunami, and Zola has lived in a foster family since. This year she wanted to move into the dorms with other boarding students, and got Manami and Tahira as her flatmates. She's sporty and a bit of a neat freak, and usually carries some basic first aid things to fix minor sports injuries. Zola loves helping people out, and is also usually the one to organize street sport matches during school holidays.

Zola's Cure alter ego, Cure Emperor, represents the southern ocean, and is named after the emperor penguin. Her attacks are ice-based.


Crown Princess Sara


Voiced by: Heljä Heikkinen (FI)

A 12-year-old princess of Aquaria and the heir to the throne. She was sent to Earth by her mother when the castle fell, but was turned into a small otter in the process. She misses her mom, and is haunted by the memories of her dead family members and especially her mother, who was turned into crystal in front of her eyes just before she escaped the castle.

Kestrel Brighttail Prongs


Voiced by: Kiti Kokkonen (FI)

Kestrel is the daughter of the headmaster, and lives with her half-twin Savitri and their three moms. Kestrel worries a lot about the people she holds dear, especially Savitri, after a few adventures the twins had when they were younger. She inherited her mom's "I can deal with this" attitude, and is very smart and educated for her age. Like Alice, she is a nekera.

Queen Meera

Voiced by: Rinna Paatso (FI)

Queen Regent of Aquaria. Her bodygyards' betrayal took her by surprise and she was wounded in the initial attack that killed her husband Mannu and their two sons, Roshan and Vasu. She attempted to send a distress call to awaken the Pretty Cure warriors, but she was interrupted by Shula. When she learned her daughter Sara had survived the initial attack, she chose to send Sara to Earth to search for the Pretty Cure, and sacrifice herself to shield her. She is currently frozen in a block of crystal, still in the throne room.


King of Fire

Voiced by: Jarmo Mäkinen (FI)

A mysterious new ruler of Solaris, who never shows his face, but appears to be a hunchbacked old man.

Shula, Tala and Alya

Voiced by: Susa Saukko, Elise Langenoja, Tiina Bergström (FI)

Queen Meera's former bodyguards, who were brainwashed by King of Fire. Each of them is a noblewoman hailing from a different nation: Shula is from Solaris, Tala from Terrarum, and Alya from Caelum. While they were in the Marine Castle, Shula was a swordswoman and the Queen's personal bodyguards, as well as in charge of the castle's inner security forces; Tala was an archer and in charge of the outer defences; and Alya was more of an spiritual advisor. After they were brainwashed, all three chose different strategies to deal with the Pretty Cure. Shula faces them head-on, Tala is more sneaky, and Alya often creates more complex magical traps.


Monsters of the Week. In default state they appear as black elastic spheres that expand and distort the environment when agitated. When thrown on an object, the sphere is absorbed into the object, which is then transformed into an ember-structured gold-limbed monster in the shape of the source item, with eyes in the color of the person who created them.

Other Characters

Duane Blanchett

Alice's older brother, who's in 10th year. He helps their parents in the cafe more than Alice.

Mackenzie Snyder

Tahira's old friend, who is also a transfer student in IA, but in a different class.

Savitri Prongs

Kestrel's half-twin sister.



The cures' transformation item, which appears as a silver bobby pin with an extra layer over the smooth side, with a heart at the front end, in each Cure's main color, with silver edge. The heart has a silver raised anchor and the letters PC carved into it in each Cure's secondary color.

To transform, the girls tap S-O-S (three short taps, three long ones, thee short ones) on the clip and yell: “CureClip, Transmit!”


Land of Aether

Also known as Earth, this green and blue orb floating in space has endured some extreme violence in the last decade.


A giant city-ship floating on the Atlantic. It houses some 1,000,000 people, most of whom are evacuees from areas destroyed after the tsunami in 2021. The rest of the citizens are former students and administration, who simply migrated from the old temple in Helsinki once the Lotuspad was built. There are four smaller cities around the world, too. Each city has three towers of different heights around a circular lagoon, with forests covering the roofs of the towers.

  • Infinitas Academica
    The school which all the kids on Lotuspad go to. It covers years 1-12 and any additional years a student takes. It has a very general school uniform rule, the only required parts being a white button-up top and plaid gray bottom. This leads to a very varied look throughout the school, as every student wears their uniform as they please.
  • Blanchett Treats & Drinks
    A well-known all-purpose cafe owned by Alice's parents, famous for their sandwiches and cheesecakes. Alice and her brother Duane help there a lot in their spare time.
  • Other cityships are East Lily, where Manami is from, Tiny Lily, where Tahira is from, the First Lily, which also sails the Atlantic, and a fourth unnamed one.

Land of Elements

Sara's home world, where people live in four nations: Aquaria, Solaris, Terrarum and Caelum. Each nation's court has noblemen and -women from other nations serving in various duties.

Marina Castle / Aquaria

Marina Castle is a large, airy fairytale castle made of sky-blue marble, making up almost the whole of the biggest island in Aquaria. It has large gardens around it, and sturdy walls around the gardens with defense towers. The gardens also have the training courts, and hide multiple secret passages, one of which connect the garden's lake to the sea. There's a harbor connected to the walls, so there's no need to go to the city to go sailing.

The kindom is set on islands nearby a large continent ruled by Terrarum, and the two nations have close ties.


Solaris' castle is a light and spacious, but twisted palace somewhere high in the mountains. The new king has decorated it with gold and red, and slowly started charring the palace, making it blacker as he goes around.

Once the new king rose to power, the other nation's citizens were abolished from Solaris' court, but the other nations didn't respond in kind, so it remains to be seen how the last two nations will react to Marine's fall.


Title/Synopsis Release Date First Appearances Appendix
1: I'm not a Mundane?! Cure Ring is Born!

On the first day of high school, a weird monster attacks Carla and Kestrel, and an otter cub Kestrel found the previous day tells them that Carla must transform into a Pretty Cure to save everyone!.

TBA Princess Sara, Queen Meera, Roshan, Shula, Carla Fierro/Cure Ring, Kestrel Prongs, Alice Blanchett, Zola Wright, Manami Yukimura, Tahira Malik What if Kestrel had been honest with her parents from the start and shared Sara's story?
2: We have a mission? Cure Spinner is not impressed?

In an attempt to find the next Cure, Carla tries to get closer to her new classmates. But when an Embered attacks her and Manami on the beach, it turns out the next Cure doesn't want to help them! What can they do to convince her otherwise?

TBA Tala, Cure Spinner What if Ring had fire powers instead of wind?
3: The search begins! Cure Caretta helps!

Not disheartened by Manami's refusal to join the team, Carla and Kestrel keep looking for potential new Cures. Meanwhile, Solaris decides to try a new tactic. When poor Tahira is pulled into the mess, what is a girl to do but to transform?

TBA Alya, Cure Caretta After three attacks on the Lotuspad, the police start to take notice...
4: It's the shooting stars?! Cure Polar is here!

The start to piece together what makes them special, but is the next Cure going to find them first?

TBA Cure Polar
5: Last member of the team - Cure Emperor! TBA Cure Emperor
6: Superheroes need a base, right?

After the whole team is assembled, an argument starts over where the girls should keep their "secret base", or if they need one at all. Kestrel's basement has the advantage of being very sheltered, but at Zola's apartment, they wouldn't have any nosy ears around.

7: We're in the news now? Our secret is in danger!

When a battle between an Embered and the Cures is accidentally caught on camera by a nosy middle-schooler, it's up to Kestrel and Sara's ninja skills to recover it before it goes online! Shocked about the possibility of their identities being out, the girls hesitate to battle further, until Kestrel reminds them of an option that has been open for several years... The Magical Girl Registry.

9: Crash and burn? The snowy spring break of history!

Kestrel invites the others for a trip to Finland for their spring break. Two weeks of skiing, relaxing, ... and a suspicious plane crash?

11: The desperate mage! Alya's not that evil? TBA
12: Summer, Sea and Sand! But what's Tala doing here? TBA
13: Shula's last chance! Let's bring her to light! TBA
14: Recorrupted! Pretty Cure vs. the Three Guards!

The fight between the Cures and the Guards isn't over! The King of Fire reactivates the brainwashing, and the girls have to fight the women they now know so much better! Something unexpected is also discovered about Carla and her sister...

15: We have a new enemy? This is too much!

The girls know the fight isn't over, but after the three guards are finally on their side, a moment of peace arrives. Of course it would be cut short, but why is it that all the Solaris soldiers are people Sara already knows?

TBA ??
16: I shall help you! The magnificent new power! TBA ??
17: We made it! Don't ruin our party now! TBA
18: The Embered Infiltration! Protect our School!

It was supposed to be a normal school day, but when alarms suddenly ring and the school goes dark, Kestrel takes it up to herself to save her classmates.

19: The Queen has awaken! We should go meet her! TBA
22: The hesitating enemy! Can Sara bring him back? TBA
23: The King of Fire revealed! Don't let the Earth burn! TBA
24: Fire is not just destruction! Show him the truth! TBA

The Movie

Anarchy in Solaris! SafeHarbor's last job! TBA
Although the King of Fire has been defeated and peace returned to Land of Elements, disarray boils in the heart of Solaris as rival families fight for the throne. The SafeHarbor team is called in to settle the fight before it can escalate, but who is this girl who claims to be related to the previous Kings? ??


Title/Synopsis Release Date
SP3: A ghost in the mirror? A Halloween mystery! or Desunt

There's a rumor circling the school: call a dead person's name three times in front of a mirror and they will return to life. Everyone knows its a harmless bit of Halloween fun, but when the Cures disappear one by one after one of them witnessed one such "summoning", suspicion arises that the ghost they are dealing with might not be what they though it to be...

This special is a crossover with Endeavour.




  • Fancuries 2018: Nominated for Best Henshin Item

Behind the Scenes

  • Lotuspad and the other cities are based on the Lilypad by Vincent Callebaut.
  • PCSH is set in a crossover universe, and further info and very crossover-y character profiles will be found on ameliette's Dreamwidth at some point prior to the premiere.
  • Due to authors rather shallow reference pool, most of the Finnish voices have worked on Avatar, Digimon or both.
  • PCSH is one of the (hopefully) few fanseries where the monsters can cause collateral damage and purifying it does not fix the damage caused.
  • In its earliest incarnation, PCSH was called "Noble♥Hearts" and had a sweets/7 virtues theme, with two extra Cures to fill the rainbow: Mackenzie Snyder and Anna Solberg. You can find more about them on deviantART.

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