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Nebulous (ネブロウセ Neburouse) is an agent of the villainous Outer Limits from Interstellar! Pretty☆CureBefore entering their leagues, Nebulous was Kasumi Mitasha (み他者かすみ Mitasha Kasumi), a normal sixteen-year-old girl attending her second year of high school. When she lost the two people she cared about the most in the world, Kasumi was consumed by her hate and bitterness towards the world, giving the Outer Limits an opportunity to turn her into Nebulous.






Mitasha (み他者): 'Mi' (み) means "body", while 'Tasha' (他者) means "another person."

Kasumi (かすみ): the hiragana used for 'Kasumi' here means "haze."

Nebulous (ネブロウセ): the phrasing here comes from the english word "nebulous" along with "nebula", a pun on the space theme of Interstellar. "Nebulous" means hazy or indistinct.



  • Nebulous & Kasumi were collaboratively created by Ryan Phantom and series author, Isurani.
  • On multiple occasions, Ryan has tried to convince Isu to write into canon that Nebulous could only ingest liquid through her skin. It is unknown if this ever became canon or not.


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