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Masterpiece Pretty Cure is a fanseries by veroniquemagique. It features a motif of the fine arts. It is set in 2016-2017.


Maria Wyrzykowski has always dreamed of being a great artist, and now that she can finally attend Hartley's Academy for the Arts, she's ready for her dreams to come true.

However, a dark force has been looming that threatens to snuff out all creativity in the world and shape the world into a cold place, devoid of feeling and light. Maria must join together with fellow students Elise and Ana to fight together as Pretty Cure and protect what they hold near and dear.


Pretty Cure

Spirits of the Arts

  • Hue
  • Clef
  • Mime


  • Achroma
  • Mute
  • Facade

Supporting Characters

  • Lavender Wyrzykowski
  • Michal Wyrzykowski: Maria's father.
  • Nadine Bellerose: Elise's mother.
  • Rene Bellerose: Elise's father.
  • Hanne Bauer: Ana's mother.
  • Nicolas Bauer: Ana's father.
  • Fleur Hartley
  • Maggie Mackenzie
  • Marisol Reyes
  • Hazel Norström


  • Halifax
  • Hartley's Academy for the Arts: The private secondary school that Maria, Elise and Ana attend. It was founded and is run by Ms. Fleur Hartley, and specializes in studies of visual arts, music, theatre, dance, creative writing, etc.