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Maribel Boushizuku is one of the four main characters of Kokoro♡Clock Precure. She is a second-year student at Merveilleuse Academy. Maribels's alter ego is Cure Dentelle and her catchphrase is "It's super-hyper cute!" (めっちゃくちゃカワイイ!"Mecchakuccha kawaii!").


Civilian form

Maribel has dark pink hair tied in two buns and cruly bangs, wtih a small antenna at the top of her head. Being short-sighted, she wears glasses all the time.

She is particularly fond of girly clothes and often wears cute boots and baggy shorts. Her favorite item is a pink blouse with white polka dots and a Claudine collar.

Cure form

As Cure Dentelle, her hair is bright pink and she wears long ponytails. She has braided buns at the base of her ponytails. Her glasses are golden with two tiny gears. She has a small top hat with a teal rose, a piece of lace and a large feather.

She wears a magenta ribbon around the neck, where a teal teardrop gem is hanging. Her shirt has puff sleeves, and her skirt has three layers that create the image of a theatre curtain, referring to Maribel's attraction for clothing and costumes, tied in the back by a big magenta ribbon. She wears a white fluffy petticoat and a leather corset with cream-colored stripes. On her feets are leather shoes and white socks. If you are wondering, all the Cures's costumes leather is magical leather and not actual animal leather! No animal was harmed during the writing of this fanserie.


Genuinely kind but unsure of herself, she expresses herself through sewing. Passionate about lolita fashion, she likes everything that is elegant and antique. She loves animals and collects stuffed animals, but usually dosen't openly share her tastes. Likewise, she has the habit of customizing all her stuff with frills and cute decorations, but becomes extremely embarrassed if someone gives her a compliment.

One of her main personality trait is that she cries a lot in any emotional situation. She has a strong empathy with the people around her and easily attaches herself. Although she rarely dares to take the first step, she is always happy to make new friends.

She dreams of becoming a hat maker, like her grandfather, but is unable to confess this dream to her parents, who consider this job as frivolous and useless.


Meeting Carol and becoming a Cure

Fighting against Dentelle Noire

Becoming more self-confident

Cure Dentelle

As Cure Dentelle, her color scheme is pink and her powers are sewing-based. She can transform by unlocking the pink Cure Pendula with her Heart Key and saying: "Stop the time! Cure Pendula! Heart Clock... Wonder!"

  • Intro: "With love and joy! A delicate explosion! Cure Dentelle!"

Abilities of Cure Dentelle.

Solo Attacks

  • Dentelle Napperon (first finisher)
  • Dentelle Shower - A shower of needles falls on the enemy and causes a lot of damage.
  • Dentelle Trap - Summons a reel of thread. The thread wraps the enemy and paralyzes it.

Performed with Pretty Umbrella

  • Dentelle Tramontane (second finisher)
  • Dentelle Mercerie - Fires burst of buttons.

Group Attacks

Performed with Pretty Umbrella

  • Precure Fantastic Tourbillon (group finisher)

Performed with Owlga in Wonderful Style

  • Precure Bal de Quatre (group finisher)


  • Marie Boushizuku
  • Ken Boushizuku


  • Boushizuku (帽子作) - Boushi (帽子) means "hat" while zuku (作) means "to make".
  • Maribel (マリベル) is a Spanish female given name, diminutive form of Maria Isabel.
  • Dentelle - "Dentelle" is the French word for "lace".


Maribel's voice actress, Karin Isobe, has provided her voice in image songs. Many of them include group songs with Kana Hanazawa, who voices Carol, Yuri Komagata, who voices Chise, and Kokoro Kikuchi, who voices Lewis.


  • Animals' Waltz
  • How to Express my Feelings


  • ~ 777 Ways to be Fantastic ~ (along with Yuri Komagata)
  • Flying with Elegance (along with Kana Hanazawa and Yuri Komagata)
  • With Everyone♪ Miracle of Hand-crafted Heart (along with Kana Hanazawa, Yuri Komagata and Kokoro Kikuchi)


  • Maribel's birthday is March 6th, making her star sign Pisces.
  • Her favorite animal is dog.
  • Her favorite dish is omelette.
  • The canon Precure characters that inspired us to create Maribel are Tsubomi / Cure Blossom, Yayoi / Cure Peace and Haruka / Cure Flora (and their tropes).