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Juli Kuroba is one of the main five Cures in Interstellar! Pretty☆Cure, and is a second-year high schooler who has been in hiding since the attack on Keres six months prior to the series. Juli's alter ego is Cure Star (キュアスター Kyua Sutā), who is based off of air, colors, and feathers, and represents justice and determination.

Her catchphrase is "Let's fly!" (「 飛ぶよ!」"Tobu yo!")





As the Twin Starlights

The Attack of Keres

Time in the Outer Limits

Hiding on Earth

Guiding the Cures

Cure Star

"With striking possibilities, a lone flash of justice! Cure Star!"

イんしょう的な可能せい、正義の孤独なフラッシュ!キュアスター !

Inshou teki na kanou sei, seigi no kodoku na furasshu! Kyua Sutā!

Cure Star is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Juli. She transforms by using her Lunar Compact and with the phrase "Pretty Cure! Infinity Reflection!"

The form of Cure Star seen in the series is known as Cure Star (Miracle). Star gains this form after absorbing Cure Aster's Lunar Compact and remnant powers.


  • Starlight Impact
  • Starshine Barrage
  • Stardust Flash Rush



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