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NOTE: This is a remake of a 2018/2019 fanseries under the same name.
Disclaimer: All art, outside of the logo, is drawn by Ryta. Conceptual designs were originally created by Cure Alumi.

Jubilee Pretty Cure! (ジュビリープリキュア!) is the first in a lineup of three new fanseries created by Cure Alumi. The motif focuses on festivity and memories, with underlying themes of making the moment count and finding the right time to enjoy oneself. It is a remake of a fanseries of the same name and a Pretty Cure take on Taiko no Tatsujin: Do-Don to Nidaime!


Twins Wada Hanami and Wada Yoshino are vastly different from one another; Hanami is a competitive eater, while Yoshino is a semi-professional Taiko drummer. However, they both share a love for a biannual festival that remains a tradition to their hometown! The girls, excited as always, are already preparing for the next festival to arrive.
This year, events take them towards another approach. Yoshino, while setting equipment up, finds a mysterious girl near one of the booths, laying unconscious. With Hanami's help, they attempt to wake the girl up, but they are interrupted by...a sentient lantern?!
This lantern being, named Meri, has been watching over the festivals to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves. But it has felt a threat lurking nearby and came down to find assistance! Seeing the girls trying to help a fellow festival goer, Meri decides to bestow power onto them using some of its own energy: Pretty Cure! At the same time, the girl wakes up, but is unable to introduce herself yet... Hanami and Yoshino now have to help Meri while also unveiling information about the mysterious girl's past!


Pretty Cure

JPC Hanami icon.png
JPC Cure Cherry icon.png

Wada Hanami (和田 はなみ) / Cure Cherry (キュアチェリー)

The slightly older twin to Yoshino. Hanami is a competitive eater, but has been under some stress trying to keep up. Unable to work under pressure, she put her talents to use for the festival. She's quite timid outside of the scene, but has a strong, optimistic heart that can't seem to stay still. While her spirit is strong, she's significantly weaker physically, but tries to put up with it if it means being able to help (mostly) anyone that needs it.
Cure Cherry's primary colors are pink and green, a direct reflection to the season of Spring. Likewise, she represents the Hanami ("flower viewing festival"), and her powers are based around blossoming flowers.

JPC Yoshino icon.png
JPC Cure Astral icon.png

Wada Yoshino (和田 よしの) / Cure Astral (キュアアストラル)

The slightly younger twin to Hanami. Nearly a polar opposite to her sister, Yoshino is a Taiko drummer who is close to meeting her dream of becoming a professional drummer. Being able to put up with loud noises has helped the Wada family, though she has come into conflict with her sister several times. She seems to almost have a superiority complex, but is mildly struggling from fears of being abandoned and losing a sense of self.
Cure Astral's primary colors are blue and yellow, a direct reflection to outer space. Likewise, she represents the Tanabata ("star festival"), and her powers are based around stars and other celestial objects.


Meri (メリー)

  • Voiced by: tba

A lantern who claims to have watched over the festival for a long time. It is quite knowledgeable and wise for its childish appearance, serving as a mentor to the Cures and Nora, but not without its faults. It tends to have trouble standing or sitting for long periods of time, and it prefers to float as means of traveling; when forced to sit as a means of hiding its sentient self from other people, it can sometimes be agitated. Despite its shortcomings, the joy of humanity is something it wants to assist in protecting, and it sincerely trusts Hanami and Yoshino.

JPC Nora icon.png

Nora (ノラ)

A girl that Yoshino found at the onset of the festival. Initially introduced as not knowing anything about herself, she recalls her name being "Nora" shortly after the Cures' first fight. Extremely cheerful and optimistic, described by some as being a bit naive, Nora has become interested in festivals and many of the activities Hanami and Yoshino participate in, to the point of where she will try to learn by herself. She has powers of her own that even she weren't aware of, most notably a barrier that encapsulates her body and very close surroundings. True to her name, she ends most of her sentences with "nanora" (ナノラ).


Wakai Ryuga (若井 隆我)

  • Voiced by: tba

The primary antagonist and creator of the Meccha Mecha robots. A once well-known scientist, his sudden change of heart was almost out of the blue, and no one knows why. He seems to despise everyone, but his hatred for all things fun is even more apparent, hence his attacking on the festival. Interestingly, like Meri and the Cures, he is aware of the spirits of the festival...but why is he sparing them?

Kontonium (コントニウム)

  • Voiced by: tba

The monsters of the week, originally only summoned by Antimon. Later, Gallium and Germa are both able to summon Kontonium. The name comes from the Japanese word for chaos (混沌, konton) and a common ending for chemical elements (-ium).

Meccha Mecha

The main antagonists of the series, Meccha Mecha consists of seven (technically eight) robot creations created to cause chaos in order to steal the energy of others, one being deployed at a time.

Antimon (アンチモン)

  • Voiced by: tba

Separately known as Konga (コンガ) and Ganko (ガンコ), and the first members to attack. They rely on creating monsters of their own, Kontonium, and work best when together.

Yttrium (イットリウム)

  • Voiced by: tba

The second member to attack. She relies on sound manipulation.

Gallium (ガリウム)

  • Voiced by: tba

The third member to attack. He relies on ice powers and, eventually, creating Kontonium.

Tantal (タンタル)

  • Voiced by: tba

The fourth member to attack. He relies on his brute strength, not afraid to go directly into battle.

Germa (ゲルマ)

  • Voiced by: tba

The fifth member to attack. He relies on fire powers and, eventually, creating Kontonium.

Tungsten (タングステン)

  • Voiced by: tba

The sixth member to attack. She relies on wind powers.

Tellu (テルル)

  • Voiced by: tba

The seventh member to attack. The other members believe her to be the strongest robot. She relies on portals which behave like black holes.

Alumi (アルミ)

  • Voiced by: tba

Said to be the strongest of the group, it has since disappeared. Ryuga is currently searching for the lost robot, trying to keep anyone else from knowing about it.


Otowa Takashi (音羽 節)

  • Voiced by: tba

Otowa Enji (音羽 円次)

  • Voiced by: tba

Wada Kazuo (和田 一夫)

  • Voiced by: tba

Hanami's and Yoshino's younger brother.


Lucky Bell (ラッキーベル)
Used by Hanami and Yoshino to transform into Pretty Cure ("Rinrinrin! Pretty Cure, Soul Ringer!"). It's stored inside a small, specialized pocket bag after transforming.

Cure Bachi (キュアバチ)
Used by the Cures as their primary attack weapons. They are rhythmic in nature, and a unique pattern exists for each attack.

Light Charger (ライトチャージャー)
Used by Hanami and Yoshino as a recovery device for quickly restoring energy to others.

Spirits Gauge (スピリッツゲージ)
A gauge that serves several major purposes: when low, warns of a monster attacking and draining people's energy; when high, indicates that the Cures have handled the current threat and assists Nora in memory restoration.


Matsusen City (松千市)
The city where the story takes place.

Matsusen Preparatory Junior and Senior School (松千準備高等学校学校)
A prestigious school that Hanami attends. The school serves both junior high and high school students who need assistance in preparation for the entrance exams to get into university. A variety of extracurricular clubs and after-school activities are offered to allow students to destress.

Matsusen Academy of Visual Arts (松千学園視覚芸術)
A private school that Yoshino attends. The academy has a primary focus on graphics, sculpting, and painting, but has another department that focuses on music and theater. Two days each week are spent going over regular school material in order for students to succeed in both academics and the arts.