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Joie de Vivre Pretty Cure is a fanseries by veroniquemagique. It features a motif of the four seasons. It is set in 2015-2016. It can be read on .


Mother Nature is the guardian of the Earth, who watches over our world and keeps it in balance by protecting the magical Temporal Orb. Throughout time there have been threats to the peace that she maintains, yet they have always been quelled by young people from the Earth below, who rise as the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure, when necessary.

Alas, the Temporal Orb has been shattered at the hands of a foul woman, The Baroness, from her desire to turn the beautiful Earth into barren wasteland, and Mother Nature has become but a statue as a result. Now, as the need arises once more, four teens wield the powers of the four seasons to stop this evil yet again and protect their world.


Pretty Cures



  • The Baroness
  • Nix
  • Nihil
  • Null
  • Remnants: The monsters that The Baroness and her henchpeople create using negative energy and the shards of the Temporal Orb. They can be created from both inanimate objects and living creatures.

​Supporting Characters


  • Temporal Orb: A crystal ball imbued with magic that maintains a climatic and environmental balance on Earth. Mother Nature's power is intrinsically tied to it, but it's power can be used by whomever has access to it.
  • iCrystals: The magic imbued cellphones that the Pretty Cure use to transform. They function similarly to normal smartphones, but contain special apps for transformation and magically contacting one another.


  • Concordia: A fictional town in New Brunswick, Canada, located between Fredericton and Moncton.
  • Concordia High School: The high school in Concordia, which Lily, Rita, Isis and Marya attend.
  • Mother Nature's Palace: Home of Mother Nature and the fairies and resting place of the Temporal Orb, located high up in the atmosphere above Earth.


# Title/Synopsis Release Date
1 A New Beginning Dec 4, 2016
2 Searching for Answers Dec 4, 2016
3 Working Together Dec 4, 2016
4 Making an Impression Dec 12, 2016
5 A Strange Feeling Dec 18, 2016
6 Storm on the Horizon Jan 13, 2017
7 Adapting August 25, 2017
8 Facing the Foe Dec 10, 2018
9 Desperate Measures Dec 14, 2018
10 United at Last Dec 23, 2018
11 Digging Deeper July 4, 2019
12 A New Power TBA
13 Acceptance TBA
14 Celebration TBA
15 A Science Affair TBA
16 Out of Balance TBA
17 Cold Front TBA
18 Resolutions TBA
19 The Perfect Date TBA
20 I'm Fine, Thanks TBA
21 All in the Family TBA
22 Meet the Parents TBA
23 Revival TBA
24 Bittersweet Reunion TBA
25 No Joking Matter TBA
26 Full of Surprises TBA
27 A Night to Remember TBA
28 The Big Day TBA
29 Last Stand TBA
30 Memory Undone TBA
Epilogue: Isis TBA
Epilogue: Rita TBA
Epilogue: Marya TBA
Epilogue: Lily TBA
Untitled Joie de Vivre Pretty Cure Movie TBA


L-R: Marya Samara, Isis Cromwell, Rita Hanish, Lily Gardenia

L-R: Cure Pumpkin (Isis), Cure Tulip (Lily), Cure Snowy (Marya) and Cure Cloud (Rita)