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Ivy is an antagonist in Flora Pop! Pretty Cure.


Ivy is tall and skinny, has fair skin, green eyes and long, partially shaven green hair that is bleached on the ends. She dresses in a punk style, and usually wears green and black mostly.


Ivy Scott was born in 1971 in Brighton. She currently attends East Northumberland High School, and gets in trouble often for telling teachers off.

It is unknown how she got her powers and joined Noxia, but now she works with the others to terrorize the public and fight against the Pretty Cure.


Mr. and Mrs. Scott - Ivy doesn't get along with her parents very well, feeling that they are too strict and expect too much of her.

Taraxa - Ivy respects Taraxa's nerve to stand up when she's being berated, and trusts her and thinks she's fun to be around.

Clover - Ivy wishes Clover would ease up on the depressing musing sometimes, but generally trusts her and likes being with her.

Amaranth - Ivy likes Amaranth and thinks she's funny, and likes spending time with her.

Poppy Gardenia - Ivy barely even notices Poppy exists until she and her sister start fighting as Pretty Cure.

Lavender Gardenia - Lavender's pep and enthusiasm irritates Ivy.

Peony - Ivy can't stand Peony.