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Happily Ever After! Fairytale Pretty Cure, also known as HEAFTPC, is an ongoing fanseries created by Imagination (ImaginationWrites) in 2020. The series' motifs include fairytales, stories, magic, adventure, and fantasy.

Note: This page is currently a WIP! It'll be updated from time to time.


Happily Ever After! Fairytale Pretty Cure Episodes

Arisu Miki is a fairytale fanatic who resides in the quiet town of Atafumi. During one of her curious adventures at her local library, the brunette stumbles upon a strange, whimsical book. Upon opening it at home, she unleashes Usagi, a Royal Fairy that was sent by Queen Faybelle from ToujoursAprès; the whimsical, wonderful world of fairytales.

In a twist of fate, Arisu encounters an evil, villainous organization who wants to corrupt fairytales in order to transform both ToujoursAprès and Earth into a living, chaotic nightmare. With Usagi's help and Arisu's own determination, the brunette is granted magical powers and transforms into Cure Wonder; leader of the Fairytale Pretty Cure.

Now, it's up to Arisu to find her teammates and help save the two worlds from falling into madness, all while going on a myriad of enchanting and exciting fairytale adventures. Soon, she realizes that her own world is much more magical than what she had imagined.

The Fairytale Pretty Cure hold the key to bringing a true happily ever after.


Fairytale Pretty Cure

  • Arisu Miki // Cure Wonder

"The fairytale of curiosity and whimsy! An extraordinary heart of adventure! Cure Wonder!"

Arisu is a free spirited, 16 year old fairytale fanatic from the town of Atafumi. She's curious, creative, and imaginative; having a childish side to her. She's always looking for a magical adventure at every corner, letting her curiosity take her to wherever her heart desires. Sometimes her wandering mind can lead herself and her friends into trouble. Arisu has a wild imagination, wondering about the many things that surround her everyday life; both possible and impossible. She yearns to live in a fairytale of her own; never wanting to grow up. While she tries to maintain being positive and happy she can get frustrated at times; especially when she can’t find an answer to something exciting right away. Whenever Arisu’s very thrilled about something mysterious or whimsical, she has the tendency to ask a lot of questions. Aside from reading a myriad of fairytales that she adores, Arisu writes her own stories in her free time. She attends Meiyoku Academy.

Arisu Miki (Left) and Cure Wonder (Right). Art made by Imagination

As Cure Wonder, she represents the fairytale Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Arisu's favorite story. She's the leader of the Fairytale Pretty Cure and is the first to be recruited, being the blue Cure of the team. Wonder's powers revolve around manipulating the size of objects and using her own tears as a weapon. Aside from her abilities, she fights her enemies with her oversized pocket watch.

Voice Claim: Aimi Terakawa (Kasumi Toyama, BanG Dream)

  • Amai Benio // Cure Crimson

"The fairytale of sugar and spice! A passionate heart of red! Cure Crimson!"

Amai Benio (Left) and Cure Crimson (Right). Art made by Imagination

Spunky and passionate, Amai's a 14 year old sweetheart residing in Atafumi. She has a generous heart, wanting to help and give to those who are in need. Her outgoing and friendly personality allow her to be open hearted to those around her; even to strangers. Amai depends on her intuition to determine whether she trusts someone or not, as well as how she further acts towards them. Amai has a heart of gold, holding a high value on her best friends and family; the people she loves and cares about most. She's very affectionate and loyal to them; something that powers her in her everyday life, whether being a Cure or not. Amai puts a tough demeanor onto herself when there's a threat; wanting to protect her family, friends, and lastly herself. She also has a confident side to her; sometimes accidentally pushing to the point that she could become stubborn and needs someone to ground her. In addition, she’s not afraid to face the obstacles that might appear ahead of her. Amai's a passionate baker, creating sweet, delightful pastries at her grandmother's bakery; her current home. Rather than attending Meiyoku Academy, she's home schooled.

As Cure Crimson, she represents the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, Amai's favorite story. She's the second member to be recruited, playing the role as the red Cure of the team. Crimson's powers revolve around making herself temporarily invisible through her red cloak and transforming small foods into disguised explosives. She also fights her enemies using her weapon; a cute huntsman axe.

Alternate version of Cure Crimson's ref with her hood on. Art made by Imagination

Voice Claim: Sayuri Hara (Reimi Sugimoto, JJBA. Just pitch the voice a little higher.)

  • Charlotte Allard // Cure Pantoufle

The fairytale of riches and royalty! A wishful heart of elegance! Cure Pantoufle!”

Originally from France, Charlotte belongs to one of the wealthiest households in Atafumi. She basks in the riches of her family's mansion. Even at the age of 17, Charlotte's parents hold high expectations for her; setting the bar at a place where she continuously tries to maintain. She holds a grand worth to her family's name, wishing to uphold it by acting in a way that would make her parents proud. Upon first glance, Charlotte doesn't appear to be Pretty Cure material. She’s snobby, cold, harsh, blunt, and antisocial; believing she only has time to make acquaintances, not friends. In public, she's considered to be intimidating, popular, elegant, poised, and seemingly perfect. With her high intelligence Charlotte excels in school, being the top student in Meiyoku Academy. She's also excellent in ballet and playing the piano. It isn't until Arisu and Amai enter the picture where Charlotte soon lets go of her fake facade, realizing that she can be whoever she wants without her parents controlling her. With the help of the Fairytale Pretty Cure, day by day, Charlotte works on rounding out her imperfections; slowly revealing her true, kind nature to the world. She makes an effort to learn from her past mistakes and grow into a better person; learning lessons from being a Cure along the way. Along with that, Charlotte's naturally sassy and short tempered; something she's trying to work on. She also has a sarcastic sense of humor.

As Cure Pantoufle, she represents the fairytale Cinderella, Charlotte's favorite story. She's the third member to join the Fairytale Pretty Cure, being the purple Cure of the team. Pantoufle's powers revolve around defying gravity to glide around any surface with her glass slippers, as well as being able to stop time for 3 seconds. As for her weapon, Pantoufle attacks her enemies through the use of her fairy godmother wand.

Voice Claim: Eri Kitamura (Keqing, Genshin Impact)

  • Maia "Chiisana" Asuka // Cure Kronblad

The fairytale of purity and youth! A blooming heart of innocence! Cure Kronblad!”

The most innocent and purehearted out of the group at the age of 15, Maia, more known as "Chiisana" to the girls, is a fish out of water in Atafumi. Unlike the rest of the Cures, who are Human, she's a Fairy from the Fairy Kingdom in ToujoursAprès. Her drive to protect the girls the same way as they protected her on Earth granted Chiisana the ability to not only become Human, but to also transform into a Cure. Having little to no knowledge of Earth, Chiisana’s very naive about the new world around her. She’s often confused, yet fascinated and curious about how things work on Earth in comparison to the Fairy Kingdom or ToujoursAprès. On Earth, Chiisana’s very impressionable; taking on mannerisms based on her observations of others. To a normal Human, she may seem to act odd or peculiar, but, in reality, she’s just trying her best to fit in. She often comes close to revealing that she’s a Fairy on accident when she talks with normal citizens and the rest of the Cures have to frantically try and cover it up. Chiisana needs to be kept an eye on at all costs as she frequently wanders around and disappears without a word; wanting to explore or check out places and things that intrigue her. When it comes to interacting with others outside of the people she knows, Chiisana’s very shy and often becomes even more apologetic than she already is. In addition, she tends to cry more and get easily scared, which sometimes translates over to when she's fighting as a Cure. Chiisana enjoys wearing doll clothes and weaves flower crowns and bracelets in her free time. She loves cute animals and flowers, being very wholesome and caring towards them.

As Cure Kronblad, she represents the fairytale Thumbelina, Chiisana's favorite story. She's the fourth member to join the Fairytale Pretty Cure, being the pink Cure of the team. Kronblad's powers revolve around being able to control the plants and flowers around her, as well as grow new ones to aid and attack. She can also create pink, protective flower barriers to protect her teammates. Kronblad's weapon is a floral themed bow and arrow.

Along with that, since Chiisana's a Fairy, she has additional powers that she's able to use in both her civilian and Cure form. She can switch between her Human and Fairy forms, fly (only in her Fairy form), and communicate with animals.

Voice Claim: Risa Taneda (Mirai Kuriyama, Beyond the Boundary)

  • Gwyneria Forst // Cure Fairest

The fairytale of grace and majesty! A reflecting heart of just! Fairest!”

Originally from ToujoursAprès, Gwyneria’s the motherly member out of the group; being the oldest at 19. She’s very protective and cares for the other Cures, looking after them as best as she can. She’s also the most mature and responsible, having to apologize for the mishaps the others cause at times. Gwyneria knows when to be stern at appropriate moments, though not all the time. Sometimes, she can be a little too serious when it comes to jokes and certain phrases that are said on Earth; becoming confused and a little angry as she takes a lot of these sayings too literally. She only laughs at unfamiliar jokes in a really loud manner once they’re explained to her, or if she understands the joke off the bat on rare occasions. While she is Human, Gwyneria is mostly unfamiliar about Earth. She mainly reserves her curiosities to herself and tries to figure out things on her own. If Gwyneria’s really intrigued by something, though, she won’t be afraid to ask about it to the others nonchalantly. To a stranger, Gwyneria may seem peculiar and boring, but, once one gets to know her, she’s full of all kinds of emotions. She especially shows her true colors when she’s with those she cares about; specifically with the other members. Gwyneria becomes very happy and giggly when she does fun stuff with the rest of the Cures, showing off her fun side. She usually reserves herself and keeps a cool, serious demeanor when she’s around strangers. Having a strong moral compass, Gwyneria hates seeing others do wrong; becoming angry when she feels a sense of injustice. She easily gets aggressive when someone tries to hurt the rest of the girls or when justice hasn’t been served yet; sometimes to the point of becoming relentless and going too far when she fights someone in her Cure form.

As Cure Fairest, she represents the fairytale Snow White, Gwyneria's favorite story. She's the fifth and final member to join the Fairytale Pretty Cure, being the yellow Cure of the team. Fairest's powers include the ability to travel around places quickly through mirrors and to enchant animals with a true love's kiss; being able to command them to help her in her everyday life or in combat. Fairest's uses her magic mirror to fight enemies.

Voice Claim: Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi, Madoka Magica)


  • Mary Ann "Usagi" Rabbit

Mary Ann "Usagi" Rabbit. Artwork by Imagination

Daughter of the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Mary Ann, more known as Usagi to the girls, is a Royal Fairy (Talking animals who work for Queen Faybelle) from ToujoursAprès. Originally from Wonderland, she was sent to the fairytale world by her dad to work for Queen Faybelle; Usagi’s closest friend. Now on Earth, Usagi does her best to keep the Fairytale Pretty Cure focused and in order. She’s a feisty and relentless rabbit with a bit of sass to her. Usagi’s also mischievous; mainly using her cuteness on others as an advantage. She easily gets annoyed by a lot of people and things, especially when it comes to being late to events. She also becomes very panicky and loud when she’s put under stress, pressure, or she’s in the middle of huge or dangerous situations. Usagi loves sweets and will do anything to obtain them, as they’re what energize her the most. Usagi’s also a really big fan of pocket watches, hoping her dad will gift her one of her own when she’s older. Being the curious rabbit that she is, she likes to frequently ask questions about Earth to Arisu, Amai, and Charlotte; not very familiar with the world. She's really only heard about Earth through stories from her dad and Queen Faybelle. Usagi's age is unknown.


  • Mamoru Hiko

One of Arisu’s best friends, Mamoru’s a laid back and silly 17 year old. He’s especially kind and friendly to those he’s close to, such as Arisu and, eventually, the rest of the Fairytale Pretty Cure. He’s also a very supportive and comforting friend, always having someone’s back whenever they feel down. Mamoru’s an avid photographer, keeping his Polaroid on him at all times. If he finds something that’s captivating, interesting, or amazing to him, Mamoru never hesitates to take out his camera and snap a breathtaking photo. He can never go without his camera or else he starts to panic. Although he highly cherishes his photos to the point that he carefully handles and organizes them, he isn’t afraid to give them as gifts to his close friends and family. Mamoru’s a huge enthusiast when it comes to all things photography. He’s also one of the first to discover the Cures, instantly becoming a fanboy of them. Whenever he sees the girls in action, Mamoru’s quick to go and take photos of the them from afar; documenting their battles online. Ironically, he loves to passionately talk about the Fairytale Pretty Cure with Arisu and the rest of the members. He becomes such a huge fan that he even creates his own prince costume to wear and wishes he could be a part of the team. While Mamoru has a chill demeanor, he becomes absolutely adorable when he fanboys or sees cute animals.

  • Hopper Andersen
  • Queen Faybelle

Queen of ToujoursAprès.

Side Characters

  • Anne Miki

Arisu's older sister.

  • Ms. Chie

A librarian who works at a public library in Atafumi.

  • Mrs. Benio

Amai's grandma. She works alongside her granddaughter at her well known bakery in Atafumi.


The Grimm Empire

  • Jakob Grimm
  • William Grimm
  • Amalie Grimm

Cauchemar Éternel

  • Elizabeth Hartwell
  • Loup Adolphe
  • Alianora Renard
  • Evelyn Spiegel

The Seven Huntsmen

  • Aloisa Spiegel

Note: The other six huntsmen will be revealed later.


Transformation Items

  • Storybook Pact

The transformation item that all the Cures except Fairest use to transform into their magical girl counterparts. On the outside, the Storybook Pacts appear to look like normal fairytale books. Each pact's cover is colored to match its respective Cure and each cover contains their representative animal on the front, as well as on the spine. In addition, each Storybook Pact's spine has the name of the Cure that owns the item. While the books have unique details to differentiate them from one another, they also have similar features that help unify them. Every Storybook Pact has gold, embossed trimming and corner protectors around the outer edges. The cover also contains a mirror shaped cutout, which helps the book's mirror to pop out from the inside. Upon opening the Storybook Pact, the book contains a gold, embossed mirror with a cute bow at the bottom of it. Aside from the mirror, there's a keyhole at the bottom of the page, which can be used to insert the Conte Keys and Märchen Charms into when needing to use them. Aside from the Storybook Pact’s main purposes, the device also has a few practical features. Not only can the pact be used as a regular mirror to look into, but, the pact’s mirror can also be used as a communicator to talk to the Cures when they’re nearby. The Storybook Pact can also go into ‘Writing Mode’, where the girls can transform their Conte Keys into Conte Quills while in civilian form. In doing this, the pact opens up to the middle of itself, where there’s a multitude of pages that the girls can write in. When they write words on the pages, the Storybook Pact will make magical images and animations that hover over the pact, matching what the Cures write. This is just for fun and helps entertain the girls whenever they’re bored. The Storybook Pact is able to disguise itself as a regular fairytale book that one would see at their local library. This is only as long as the Conte Keys are in disguise mode. Once the Conte Keys break out of their disguise mode, the Storybook Pacts will revert back into their original forms.

In order to activate the ability to transform into their Fairytale PreCure forms, each girl has to insert their personal Conte Key into their Storybook Pact's keyhole, turn their keys to the right, and say, "Pretty Cure! Unlock my happily ever after!"

  • Magic Mirror
  • Conte Keys

The other key transformation item that helps all of the Fairytale PreCure to transform into their magical girl counterparts. The Conte Keys each have their own individual features while also having similar looks to unify them. Each key is colored gold, being shaped differently to only fit with the keyhole of the Storybook Pact that belongs to their specific owner, as well as their style. Along with that, each Conte Key is decorated with a bow that matches the owner’s Cure color, along with their representative animal. The Conte Keys are able to be disguised as accessories, allowing for the girls to conveniently wear them in their civilian forms and to reach for them whenever needed. In disguise mode, the Conte Keys are able to shrink down into a smaller size that allow them to look like jewelry, such as charms for bracelets and necklaces, brooches, earrings, etc. When it comes time for the Cures to transform, all they need to do is yank off their key from their accessory, which will cause the Conte Key to return back to its normal size.

When inserting the Conte Key into the keyhole of the Storybook Pact, if in civilian form, the girls can turn the key to the right in order to transform. If in Cure form, the girls can turn their key to the left to use their purification attack.

The Conte Keys can also transform into the girls’ personal weapons when in Cure form (with the exception of Fairest).

There are also other Conte Key variants that help serve as power-ups for the girls, which grant them other sub-variants of their Cure forms that grant them different abilities that will help them in special situations. These other keys will be discovered later on in the series for the girls to use.

  • Conte Quills

The Conte Quill is another form the Conte Keys can take, which only happens during the girls’ transformation sequences and when they want to activate their Storybook Pacts into ‘Writing Mode’. Each quill is white and feathery, with each one sporting a charm of its girls’ respective animals on the front. In transformation mode, the Conte Quill is able to summon magic ink whenever the Cures wave their quills around in the air however they like; aiding in their transformations. In ‘Writing Mode’, the Conte Quill is able to write on the Storybook Pact. However, these quills can’t write on regular paper. If the girls attempt to write on regular paper with their Conte Quills, nothing will show up.


  • Märchen Charms

‘Märchen’ meaning ‘fairytale’ in German, the Märchen Charms are the main collectibles of the series. Not only are they the main power source of the Märchen Book, but they’re also able to be used by the girls as attacks, power-ups, and boosts in Cure form, and only for making life a little more magical in civilian form. Each charm grants a different ability, with each one representing a different fairytale. For their general appearance, each Märchen Charm has a gold base with a small key behind them, which allows them to be inserted into the Storybook Pact for use. The front of each Märchen Charm has a cute, little image that shows something about the fairytale that they represent and a slight hint at the ability that each one grants. As a final touch, each Charm has a small and cute bow at the front, with each one varying in color. The current amount of Märchen Charms that will be showcased in the series is undecided, though it might be around 30.

  • The Märchen Book
  • The Märchen Map



  • ToujoursAprès
  • MauvaiseFin
  • Atafumi
  • Meiyoku Academy

More locations to be revealed.

Episode List

As of right now, there is only currently one chapter of HEAFTPC out! Chapter 2 is currently in the works. Once the second chapter comes out, there will be an organized table for the chapters. You can read the first chapter here:

Amino: Part 1, Part 2

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