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Flora Pop! Pretty Cure is a fanseries by veroniquemagique. It has a flower motif. It is set in 1988.


Poppy and Lavender Gardenia are your average teenage twins, until one fateful day they are approached by the mysterious Peony. They learn of a great evil consuming the world in the form of the Noxia, a band of bad weeds who aim to snuff out the light. In order to protect the world from this evil, they must become the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure!

As Cure Buttercup and Cure Bluebell, the twins fight against Noxia to protect the world from evil, but they quickly learn that not everything is as it seems...


Pretty Cure


Supporting Characters


  • Flower Cassettes: Tapes and Walkmans that Peony gives Poppy and Lavender, which they use to transform into Pretty Cure.



# Title/Synopsis Release Date
1 Magic TBD
2 Venus TBD
3 Sweet Child O' Mine TBD
4 Celebration TBD
5 Total Eclipse of the Heart TBD
6 True Colors TBD
7 Tell Her About It TBD
8 You Give Love a Bad Name TBD
9 Crazy Little Thing Called Love TBD
10 I Need a Hero TBD