Emika Susume

Emika Susume is a main character and Cure in the Immortal Friendship Precure. Her theme color is red, and her alter ego is Cure Brave.


General Appearance

Emika is on the shorter side, only being 5' 2". She has an average build, pale skin, and lots of freckles. Her hair is a dark red, almost brownish red, and she keeps it cut short, just past her neck. Her bangs are swept to her left with a small barrette. She has golden-brown eyes and she wears large, circular glasses.



Emika's casual clothes are very modest and austere. One of her outfits is a dark red sweater and cream colored undershirt, with a dark red knee-length pencil skirt, along with red flats. Another outfit she wears is a red dress and dark red cardigan over it, with full-length black leggings and dark red flats.

School Uniform

Emika's school uniform consists of the white shirt with blue sailor collar, blue sleeve cuffs, blue ribbon, and white stripes on the collar and cuffs. She also wears the blue pencil skirt to accompany it. However, she also wears a cream colored sweater vest over it, and her socks are calf-length and grey.

Cure Brave

As Cure Brave, her hair becomes a bright red color, growing poofy and curling at the ends. She also has two large swirls of hair that rest on her cheeks, and her bangs resemble the shape of a heart. She also has a small, curly ahoge sticking up from the part. Her vest is a bit shorter than the others, with a half circle cutout at the end. It is white with red trim. On top of it, there is a big red bow with the Everheart in the middle, and red ruffles around it. Under the vest is a white dress with short sleeves and red trim, with dark red shorts underneath the dress. Her socks are knee-high and white, with white ankle boots that also have red trim. The boots also have small red bows on the ankles. Finally, her gloves are elbow-length and white with red trim at the top.



Cure Brave



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