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Drifting! Feather Pretty Cure is a fanseries created by Lina Archer. Its motifs are birds and light, and its themes are love and acceptance, finding your way, and personal growth.

Hopefully, it'll be on AO3 soon.


Long ago, darkness was king.

Chaos and fear ran rampant, and the master of it all was Nevarek, the embodiment of hate.

Until one day...when the great and powerful Cure Pheonix, daughter of light, warrior of good, used all of her power to seal it away, giving herself to do so...

Her seal has held for years, but now, as Nevarek's power returns, it's beginning to falter. A new group of warriors must rise, and this time, they're going to defeat Nevarek and its supplicants forever.


Pretty Cure

  • Kazumi Hanejiro-A kind, quiet girl who suffers from drastically low self-esteem. She desperately wants friends, but is too scared to try. Despite this, she tends to see the best in people, except when they have hurt someone close to her. Kazumi's alter ego is Cure Dove, the Peaceful Pretty Cure.
  • Reina Fulton-An arrogant girl who spends most of her time acting like a royal butthead in order to impress her father, the CEO of mighty Fulton Enterprises. Under all that, however, Reina carries around a massive amount of self-doubt, and can be surprisingly empathetic and pursuasive when she wants to be. Reina's alter ego is Cure Peacock, the Regal Pretty Cure.
  • Sophia Sówka-Sophia is a quiet, intelligent girl who usually just wants to be left alone, thank you very much. While seemingly prickly and cold on the surface, anyone who really knows Sophia knows the sharp wit and an intense love of learning that define her. That love can lead her into darkness, however, as her dedication to academics can lead her into overwork. She also tends towards doormatting, ignoring her own feelings to support her mother and the people around her. Sophia's alter ego is Cure Strix, the Wise Pretty Cure.
  • Adélie Caldwell-Fun-loving and (from most people's perspective) younger than her years, Adélie is a dynamic, energetic force. She's deeply passionate about the environment, and wants to spread that love. Most people find her kind of irritating, but that doesn't seem to penetrate. "Seem" being the operative word here-Adélie's a queen at hiding just how much things hurt her. Her alter ego is Cure Penguin, the Energetic Pretty Cure.
    • VA: ????


  • Esen-An angel-like emissary from Silnyy Anvah who acts as a mentor to the Cures. She's very motherly and caring, though her seriousness can get in the way of that sometimes. While disguised as a human, she uses the name Esen Burakgazi.

The Nevarek Clan

The Nevarek Clan, a group who worship the embodiment of hate, serve as the antagonists of the season. Their members include...

  • Klimaxe Imperator-The Clan's leader, and Nevarek's chief priest. He's a manipulative man who delights in others' pain.
  • Eistova-A young woman who seems to be around the Cures' age. She's full of hate and anger for everyone but her seems.
  • Zver-An incredibly strong young man who's smarter than he looks. He doesn't usually use Manifests, preferring to fight the Cures on his own terms.
  • Besser-A cold, cruel woman who serves as the brains of the group.

Other Characters


  • Tomie Hanejiro-Kazumi's older sister, who seems to do everything perfectly.
  • Ayame Hanejiro-Kazumi's mother. A housewife who loves her children, but feels slightly trapped.
  • Tsutomu Hanejiro-Kazumi's father, who works at a health insurance company.
  • Richard Fulton-Reina's father, and the CEO of Fulton Enterprises. Due to his work, he spends almost no time around his family.
  • Manuel Fulton-Reina's intelligent, similarly arrogant brother. He's one of the only people Reina actually respects and looks up to.
  • Madeline Sówka-Sophia's single mother, who works as the Fulton's housekeeper.
  • Théa Caldwell-Adélie's mother, who works as an archaeologist. She's not often home, but still keeps in contact with her daughter and husband.
  • Eric Caldwell-Adélie's father, a deeply caring stay-at-home dad. He's kind of shy, and doesn't have many close friends outside for old ones and family.

Friends & Peers

  • Aya Saki-An upbeat, gregarious girl who quickly befriends Kazumi. She's incredibly accepting, and has no tolerance for any kind of dishonesty.
  • Sam Tamboli-A friend of Aya's. While generally kind, they tend to be cynical and skeptical towards people they don't know.
  • Valentine Al-Abbas-A soft-spoken book lover in the girls' class. She's president and founder of Strav's mythology club, which Sophia's a part of.
  • Amity Dumarr-A drama-loving rabble-rouser, and Aya's self-proclaimed "worst enemy".
  • Millie Chung-A bossy, service-loving classmate. She has a good heart, and is very socially skilled.
  • Gideon Kean-A boiler-plate nerd, and head of the Strav speech & debate team.
  • Andrei Fyodorov-A boiler-plate jock, and JV basketball captain. He's not actually a bad guy; just a bit brash.
  • Raisa Fyodorov-A sophomore and friend of Tomie's. She's a quiet artist who dreams of being able to help others.

Stravinsky Public Staff

  • Mr. Banks-An english teacher. He's very tough on his students, and takes nothing from no one.
  • Ms. Craft-Strav's choir teacher, and a bit of a flake.
  • Ms. Chastain-A young woman who has recently moved from Quebec to become a French teacher. She's very reserved and kind of naive, but loves her job.
  • Mrs. Dumarr-Amity's mother, and Strav's journalism and photography teacher. She's not as much a terror as her daughter, but still kind of nosy.
  • Mr. Fyodorov-Andrei and Raisa's father, a kindhearted man who teaches math. He tends to


  • PreFan-The Cures' transformation item. To use it, they have to shout "Feathers, Dance!.
  • Wing Charms-The seasons' "collectables".


  • Newheaven, Maine is the main setting of the series.
  • Silnyy Anvah is the "paradise" Esen hails from.
  • Stravinsky Public- The school that our lead characters attend. Most people just call is "Strav".
  • Colridge Museum-An odd, eclectic little museum in Newheaven's downtown area.
  • Plain Jane's-An ice cream parlor in town.
  • Bishop University-A major college in town. Théa teaches here when not on digs.


  • This is a reboot! The original can be found here.
  • Lina was inspired to work more on the "family" elements of this series by MonoTheMonochrome's wonderful Prime Pretty Cure. Thank you for the inspiration!
  • All the Clan's members' names (barring Nevarek itself) come from Russian words. [1]:
    • Klimaxe Imperator-The first part's a holdover from his original incarnation; the second means "emperor".
    • Eistova-From neistovstvo, "fury".
    • Zver-Translates as "beast" or "brute".
    • Besser-From besserdechnyy, "heartless".
  • Drifting Feather occupies the same universe as a few of Lina's other original projects.