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Dream High Pretty Cure! (ドリームハイプリキュア) is a fan series created by Ryta-chan. The theme of the series revolves around hopes and dreams, as the Cures are named after what they hope to be when they grow up. The series can be read here.

The cover for Dream High Pretty Cure drawn by Anigirl5 'From left to right: Cure Matchmaker, Cure Songstress


All dreams create something wonderful and special. Where they are created is at a beautiful land high in the sky called the Heart of Dreams.. It was once a peaceful and majestic place, then day order was disrupted An evil force called Malevolent has stolen what keeps balance and dreams, the Wishing Coffret, and is now causing all dreams to die out. Distressfully, Queen Titania calls upon Doki to find the Pretty Cure ,who all reside in the human realm, to save their worlds. Doki takes up the request to save the Heart of Dreams and finds Sensaina Utahime in the human world, who's already running late for her first day of school.



Sensaina Utahime (歌姫せんさいな) / Cure Songstress (キュアソングストレス)
Voiced by: Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese) Cherami Leigh (English)
If there's one thing for certain, it's that Sensaina loves to sing! But when it comes to singing around groups of people, Sensaina becomes nervous and hides her talent, though she knows doing this won't be of any benefit to herself. She dreams of becoming a singer one day and having the spotlight on her but for now, she aspires to pluck up the courage to share her voice with others and maybe even encourage them to dream big like herself, despite having a ways to go. As Cure Songstress, she has power of music and is the leader of Dream High Pretty Cure. She is also a member of the Gamers' Club as of Ep. 27.
Her birthday is February 9th.

Intro: "Singing the everlasting melody, Cure Songstress!"
Main Attack: "Pretty Cure, Lyrical Resonance!"

Jonetsu Hihoshi (火星じょうねつ) /Cure Matchmaker (キュアマッチメーカー)
Voiced by: Emiri Kato (Japanese) Danielle Judovitz (English)
Everyone is Jonetsu's class knows that she's your go-to girl if you have what she would call a love emergency; be it confessing to your crush or fixing your relationship. Jonetsu is the first person that Sensaina meets and instantly loathes at Midorikage. She is the top of the class academically and was considered an icy girl by the rest of her classmates until Sensaina got them to change their minds. She seems to be also quite skilled at matching people together, which surprises Sensaina due to how intimidating she is to the rest of her class. She has a strained relationship with her mother, Makka Hihoshi, who is a world famous artist that spends all her time locked up in her painting quarters. Despite all her troubles and concerns, she can still remain as passionate as ever. As Cure Matchmaker she is the second Cure found and uses the power of love. She is also vice president of the Fashion Club as of Ep. 27.
Her birthday is July 24th.
Intro: "Joining two hearts together, Cure Matchmaker!"
Main Attack: "Pretty Cure, Heartless Beating!"

Haruko Hanakaze (花風はるこ) / Cure Garden (キュアガーデン)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese) Hilary Haag (English)
Leave it to Haruko when it comes to flowers and plants, having been raised by two florists, she knows her stuff regarding flowers. Haruko's known to be quite outgoing with her friends and classmates, though she can get quite short tempered unexpectedly as well as childish. These outbursts aren't intentional and Haruko wishes to be more mature every once in a while, especially around Sensaina and Jonetsu who are a year older than her.
She instantly bonds with Toki and had a rivalry with Jonetsu, prior to her becoming a Pretty Cure where she would call her Jonetsumaru and she would be called HaruKO. As Cure Garden, she is the final cure found and controls plants as her power source. She is also a member of the Tennis Club as of Ep. 27.
Her birthday is May 17th.
Intro: "Growing everything in a lifeless land, Cure Garden!"
Main Attack: "Pretty Cure, Blooming Empathy!"


Doki (どき Doki)
Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama (Japanese) Candi Milo (English)
Doki is a fairy from the Heart of Dreams and Queens Titania's first choice to send to the human world in order to save the two worlds. She can be stubborn and was quite jealous of her twin sister Toki for everything she has. But she has temporarily weakened her resolve in order to not be a nuisance to the Pretty Cure. She ends her sentences with "-kore!"

Toki (時 Toki)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki (Japanese) Alexis Tipton (English)
Toki is Doki's twin sister from the Heart of Dreams. She was summoned as the blue crystal Doki brought with her was inserted into Sensaina's dreamkeeper. She is a gentle yet,naive fairy in contrast to her sister and seems to be completely unaware of how much her sister can't stand her. She also has a human form which the girls call Tokiwa Aomimi (ときわ 青耳) She ends her sentences with "-desu!"


Raika (ライカ Raika
Voiced by: Mie Sonozaki (Japanese) Julianne Buescher (English) 
The first Major from Malevolent to appear, Raika is the one who triggers Cure Songstress' transformation. She is considered the coldest and most severe at Malevolent, as her emotions are cleverly concealed and her thoughts remain unsaid. She has little interaction with the other Nightmare Majors and doesn't bother to make an effort to ally with them. Although she's indifferent this makes her a strong and relentless opponent against the Pretty Cure. She is powered by lightning.

Hydra (ハイドラ Haidora)
Voiced by: Chieko Honda (Japanese) Karen Strassman (English)
Hydra is the second major to appear and is the Major that triggers Cure Matchmaker's transformation. She wears a mask (replaced by glasses in the picture due to inconvenience) She is thought to be a ditz by everyone she meets and even a 'bony girl' by Ignis. She has what seems to be frenemy relationship with her fellow Major Ignis and can usually be seen bickering with her. Though she's simple-minded, she can be cunning and extremely sadistic when 'Hatred' is mentioned. She and Ignis seem to adore him.Blessed with beauty she's a natural temptress. She is powered by water.

Ignis (イグニス Igunisu)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saito (Japanese) Willow Johnson (English)
Ignis is the third major to make an appearance and the one who triggers Cure Garden's transformation. She is short tempered and devious. She hates Hydra with a passion but hates to admits the girl really is beautiful. She resents the Pretty Cure and even tells them at their first encounter that 'Hatred' will rule the world. She's considers herself as a powerful advisory, but is not above targeting the Cures at a cheap-shot moment. She's powered by fire.

Tsuchiyo(土ヨー Tsuchiyo)
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese) Sam Marin (English)
Tsuchiyo is the fourth major to appear. He is loud-mouthed with a small vocabulary and has either been yelled at or beaten down by the other Majors. He is very strong and muscular being able to lift up his fellow Majors and having the ability to cause earthquakes with his large gold boots. A running gag in his character is whenever he leaves Malevolent to retrieve a dreamstone, one of the other Majors will complain about his vocabulary or actions. He's powered by earth.

Kagekaze (影風 Kagekaze
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)
Appearing shortly after Raika's death, Kagekaze is the final major to appear. He is somewhat charming and is incredibly swift due to the fact that he can literally turn into a shadow. His appearance is basically a black silhouette and he is initially Hatred's very own shadow. He's powered by wind and shadows.

Hirutaro (蛭太郎 Hirutaro)
Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi
Not much is known about Hirutaro other than him being a high-ranking figure at Malevolent and having a connection with 'Hatred'.

Prince Hatred (ヘイトリッド)
The leader of Malevolent, virtually nothing is known about him at this time.

Students and Teachers from Midorikage

Kintsuki Yoshikawa (金月)
Voiced by: Rica Fukami (Japanese) Ashleigh Ball (English)
Kintsuki is one of Sensaina's first friends at Midorikage. She is carefree, wild, and lives life to the fullest. She is known to stand out in a crowd because of her messy blond hair and pale blue eyes. She is the captain of the basketball team and is the one who warns Sensaina about Jonetsu and her icy exterior. Her birthday is on February 3rd.

Meihime Aisaki (メイ姫)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (Japanese) Kelly Sheridan (English)
Meihime is also one of Sensaina's first friends at Midorikage. She is the complete opposite of Kintsuki, being calm, graceful and polite. She is shown to have nursing skills when Hidari broke her leg. She is the one who tells Sensaina about Jonetsu and her matchmaking abilities. Her birthday is October 16th.

Hideki Kurozora (秀樹)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese) Samuel Vincent (English)
Hideki is Sensaina's crush. He's in the Highschool of Midorikage. She meets him exactly one week after she becomes a Pretty Cure when she is running to school and bumps into him. It's love at first sight when she finds herself unable to turn away from his drop dead grin and gorgeous green eyes. He then playfully nicknames her 'Little Red Riding Ribbons' before learning her name. He is shown to dislike his homeroom teacher to an extent in where he calls her 'Hellsent Haruki'. His birthday is September 19th.

Ayane Manaka (あやね 真ん中)
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu
Ayane is a classmate of Hideki's and Sensaina's one-sided rival. She is calm, gentle and docile. She is friendly to Sensaina and unaware of the fact Sensaina considers the two of them to be rivals for Hideki. She seems to be very good friends with Hideki, giving him a kiss on the cheek before she for class, causing Sensaina to think they were a couple. Her birthday is March 17th.

Mitaro Kaioh (見たロー 海王)
Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama
Mitaro is the president of the Drama club. Not many people amongst the club like him and the only reason they stay in the club is because of the encouragement of Kotone, a club member who also can't stand Mitaro.

Andrew (アンドルー)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi
Andrew is a very artistic boy in Sensaina's graphic class that develops a crush on her but let gets over it when he finds out Sensaina loves Hideki.

Yuhino Tsukihara (夕日 の原)
Voiced by: Aoi Yuuki
Yuhino is one of Sensaina's classmates and an odd one at that. At first, she'll seem like a sweet girl but give her a few more minutes,and she'll start talking to her alleged ghost sister Luna. Soon, it's revealed she was supposed to have a sibling but apparently 'Luna' was stillborn.

Dokeshi (道化師)
The trickster type of girl, Dokeshi's always the girl at school who's willing to play a simple to complex prank on anyone at school.

Kuromi Nekota (黒海 猫タ)
An old friend of MiMi's, Kuromi goes to Midorikage and acts in a snobby repulsive manner towards the twins. Though it seems this disposition came from the fact that MiMi abandoned their friends at Midorikage awhile ago.

Avani Joshi (フォンタナ ジョシ)
A transfer student from India, Avani is extraordinarily gifted and is a frenemy to Meihime. Avani seems to unconsciously talk to herself at times, which reveals her reasons for being so stuck-up and rude. She appears to also dislike Kintsuki and Sensaina, referring to the two as 'deadweight'.

Ran Kimura (蘭 木村)
Voiced by: Miki Ito
Sensaina and Jonetsu's homeroom teacher, she is somewhat wild and strong-willed. She can be extremely scary at times and then downright at others. It's revealed in Ep.6 that she was a former gang leader by the neighbouring homeroom teacher.
But apparently his younger self and brash words changed Ms.Kimura forever. She is also shown to have retained her fighting skills from when she was a teenager.

Ren Yukiyama (蓮 雪山)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Sensaina's substitute teacher when Ms. Kimura was on a camping trip. His 'attractiveness' wins over Sensaina and is regarded as the 'Ikemen-sensei' by her. But soon, the girls find out he's he's married.


Chitsuki Utahime (千月 歌姫)
Chitsuki is Sensaina and MiMi's mom. She looks very young for her age and could pass off as one of her daughters' siblings. Her husband works overseas and it she rarely brings him up. She seems to be against fighting but isn't really the one to break an argument,

Miyako and Minako Utahime/ MiMi (美夜子 & 美奈子 歌姫/ 美美)
They are Sensaina's twin sisters. They are models and are considered quite loving to their little sister but the feeling doesn't seem mutual.

Yamato Utahime ( ヤマト歌姫)
Yamato is Sensaina and Mimi's father. He was working overseas in Europe prior to Ch.36 and at the end of said chapter, he decides to come back home permanently. He seems to be a caring man and rather affectionate towards Chitsuki, but is overall shown to be a great father for Sensaina and MiMi.

Makka Hihoshi (真っ赤火星)
Makka is Jonetsu's mother. She doesn't usually think highly of her daughter and her excellent grades and is always locked up in her painting quarters. She is a famous artist, yet only few know what she actually looks like. Her paintings supposedly make her rich as her house is quite large.

Taiki Hihoshi (大輝火星)
Taiki is Jonetsu's father. He's a clumsy accountant who seems to give more attention to Jonetsu than her mother. He gets tongue-tied easily and doesn't how to tell Makka she isn't being the best mother.

Rikka Hanakaze (六花 花風)
Rikka is Haruko's mother. She owns Hanakaze Extrodinaire along with her husband. She dresses in playful colors and needless to say, has a green thumb.

Hiiragi Hanakaze (ヒイラギ 花風)
Hiiragi is Haruko's father. He is a strong man who co-owns Hanakaze Extrodinaire with his wife. He is very loving towards his daughter and nicknames her 'HaruHaru' and the 'heiress to Hanakaze Extrodinaire'.

Heart of Dreams

Queen Titania (クイーン チタニア)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki
Titania is Queen of the Heart of Dreams, but she isn't the typical delicate,sweet lady one would expect. Titania is reckless, careless,childish and little crazy. But she cares deeply for the Heart of Dreams and tries her hardest to remain serious and ladylike on the job. She is the one who sends Doki to the Human world to retrieve the Pretty Cure.

Cressida (クレチダ)

Voiced by: Sumi Shinamoto
Cressida was to be the original queen of the Heart of Dreams instead of Titania and is the latter's older sister. She was a very beautiful woman with shoulder length pink wavy hair and blue eyes. She was as gentle as she was fruitful and already had a little boy at the age of nineteen with her lover abandoning her. She was the one who dies at the hands of Malice in order to save the Heart of Drams.


Barano (バラの)

Jonetsu's ex, Barano appears to be loud mouth and obnoxious with notorious intentions and orders given to him by his older brother, who also happens to be another one of Jonetsu's exes. It's hard to tell if Barano either still cares for her or is just deceptive because of his brother.

Angela (アンジェラ)

The granddaughter of Sensaina's neighbour, Angela is bubbly and falls in love with ease. She claims that Hideki will be her husband one day and that she lover Hideki forever.

Movie Exclusive Characters

Cure Lullaby (キュア ララバイ)
A Cure that has traveled back to the past from the future in order to fend off Malignant, a seeming upgrade to Malevolent. She is quiet and during her stay in the present, she reveals she has recently diagnosed herself with amnesia. During the battle with Maligna, Hideki seems to be of help in regaining her memory, by kissing her and when asked when she let him kiss her, she claims he 'reminds her of someone from her past'.

Prima (プリマ Purima)
Voiced by: Izumi Kitta 
The lone female of the team, excluding Maligna, Prima is apparently a ballerina with a very skinny physique. She appears to be a hot-headed stubborn person and likes to boss around Mahouji. She is immediately sent back to the future as Lullaby shoots an arrow at her tiara.

Mahouji (魔法王子Mahouji)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio 
The jester like magician of the team, Mahouji is a flamboyant outrageously dressed man who likes to hang upside down from trees. He seems to have a crush on Prima and holds Duke in high regard. He later is sent back to the future as he protects Songstress from Lullaby. 

Duke (デューク De~yūku)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna
The mysterious, violet-clad "prince" (not really) of the team, Duke speaks only until the midpoint in the movie and ironically, he gets more lines than his fellow teammates Duke possesses heterochromia and actually lets himself get sent back by Garden and Matchmaker. Also, unlike Mahouji, Duke prefers to sit cross-legged in trees.


The Dreamkeepers (ドリームキーパー) are the transformation devices used by the Pretty Cure.They are square caskets. Each of one has their theme color on it with a symbol of their powers. They appear when the final dream-gem on their dreamstone appear.

Dreamstones (ドリームストーン) are what lays inside the hearts of people everywhere. They are all created in the Wishing Coffret in the Heart of Dreams They symbol of a person's hope and dreams and as their hopes grow stronger, a dream-gem is granted. When enough dream-gems have circled around the stone, a dreamkeeper is created and thus a Pretty Cure is born.

The Wishing Coffret (ウィッシング コフレ) Is a small gold and blue box that holds duplicates of everyone's dreamstone. It was Malevolent's possession for a long while. It works alongside the Destiny Casket and with the two together, the Pretty Cure can achieve their final upgrade, Destiny Everlasting. 

The Destiny Casket (デスティニー キャスケット) Is a large golden chest that when opened with a certain key, can give the Cure's their weapons. With it, the Cures can perform the attack, Dreaming Wonderland. It works alongside the Wishing Coffret and with the two together, the Pretty Cure can achieve their final upgrade, Destiny Everlasting. 


Midorikage Middle and High school- is the school the Cures attend.

Heart of Dreams- Doki and Toki's homeland where dreams are created.

Malevolent- Where the antagonists reside.


Episode #
Hopeful Cure Songstress is Born!

(希望に満ちたキュア歌姫が誕生, Kibou ni michita Kyua Songstressu ga tanjo!)
Doki the fairy, an inhabitant of the Heart of Dreams, is sent by her queen to the human world in order to find the legendary Pretty Cure who will restore the former glory of her home. Sensaina is soon found by Doki and shortly proves herself to be a Pretty Cure..but will she be able to handle the job all on her own?

Encounter, the lovely Cure Matchmaker!

(素敵キュアマッチメーカーに遭遇, Suteki Kyua Matchimeka ni sogu!)
Sensaina, still confused with the entire Pretty Cure concept, attempts to make a few friends. She gains a few with little effort but these girls in her class warn her about the passion yet ever so icy Jonetsu, who constantly pair people up successfully. Doki feels as if she might be a Pretty Cure, but keeps quiet on the subject. Soon, when needed most, Jonetsu appears and transforms into Cure Matchmaker!

Bake, Make for the love of your life!

(あなたの人生の愛のために作るを焼く, Anata no jinsei no ai no tame ni tsukuru o yaku)
Valentine's day is approaching rapidly and once the girls are given a little more information about Pretty Cure, they decide to make chocolates as Sensaina has found a boy she likes.

Toki! Go back to where you came from!

(土岐は、あなたがどこから来たのかに戻って Toki, anata ga dokokarakitano ka ni modotte!)
Curious, Sensaina decides to insert the blue gem Doki brought with her from the Heart of Dreams into her Dreamkeeper. Doki seems completely against the notion as from the Dreamkeeper appears Doki's blue furred twin sister Toki.

Crossover: Kokori, you're a Pretty Cure?

(クロスオーバー: ここ村 あなたはプリキュアだ, Kurosoba: Kokori anata wa Purikyua desu ka?)

It was supposed to be a lazy Saturday for our pair of Cures, or at least, that's what they thought until a mysterious, sleek girl shows up in town. After getting kicked out of the store the three were lazing in, they decided to take the girl, Kokori, sightseeing. After a day of adventure, the Cures come across a strange item in Kokori's bag that looks almost like, a transformation device..was she a Pretty Cure this whole time?

Surprise! Surprise! Ms. Kimura's scandalous past!

(驚きを驚かせる!木村先生のスキャンダラスな過去, Odoroki, Odoroki! Kimura sensei no sukyandarusuna kako)
A new teacher drops into Ms.Kimura's half-awake classroom and reveals an enticing piece of information about her life a student and apparently, slash gang leader.

Gah, Sensaina and Jonetsu got swapped!

(えー、繊細かつ情熱が入れ替わってしまった Gah! Sensaina soshite Jonetsu irekawatte!)
Sensaina and Jonetsu have switched bodies! With little help from Toki on how to switch back, the girls have no other choice but to take on the other's life. Of course, little do they know, it isn't as easy as it seems..

No way, I won't act!

(方法は、私は行動しないことはありません Tondemonai! watashi wa kodo shinai koto arimasen!)
Sensaina is casted as Hermia from A Midsummer's Night Dream after being forced to audition by Jonetsu, who is forced to play Bottom. Will this play end with tears, in disaster, or both?

Two-faced or split down the middle?

(二直面または中間を下に分割 Ni chokumen matawa chukan o shita ni bunkatsu?)
The girls meet this girl who claims there are two people inside of her; herself and her alleged twin Luna. The girl, Yuhino, drags the two to her house where they meet her mother who explains she was supposed to have twins but, 'Luna' was miscarried. Having an idea, Yuhino's mother asks the girls to help get rid of the 'Luna' within Yuhino. Will they even have a chance to succeed?

Sensaina and the charming transfer

(繊細で魅力的な移転 Sensaina soshite miryoku tekina iten.)
Sensaina meets a cute exchange student from Canada, with a talent for artistry. But, everyone else he shows his art to disapproves of regarding it as good. Will he pull himself together?

The Pretty Cure go on a cruise?!

(プリキュアは、クルーズに行く?Purikyua wa, kuruzu ni iku?)
After hearing about a luxurious sounding, age-restricting cruise, the Cures decide to head onboard, of course with a little help from their dreamkeepers. Everything seems normal until Hydra enters and delivers chaos on the cruise, forcing the girls to transform into not the Pretty Cure, but rather something else..

The Pretty Cure's Mother meltdown!

(プリキュアの母の日のメルトダウン!Purikyua no haha no hi no merutodaun!)
Mother's day is coming up and the girls are suffering from a major case of I-forgot-to-my-mom-a-gift. Of course, they not the only ones who are clueless on what to buy their mothers...

Big Mishap! How could you misplace your dreamstone?!

(ビッグ災難!どのようにあなたの夢の石を置き忘れるだろうか? Biggu sainan! Dono yo ni anata doremu suton o okiwasurerudarou ka?)
Jonetsu loses her dreamstone and now the girls have to search all around town in order to find it! Meanwhile, Ignis, along with a corrupted dreamstone, decide to fight while Jonetsu is still without her dreamstone. Will Songstress prevail?

The Lucky Spoon's Cupcake Race!

(ラッキースプーンのカップケーキレース!Rakkisupun no kappukekiresu!)
Kanade Minamino from Suite Pretty Cure heads into town when her father opens up a second Lucky Spoon. But, being only one person, Sousuke can only manage the one in Kanon Town. So, he decides to have a cupcake competition to see who he will crown as the new manager.

Sensaina finds and Ikemen-sensei?!

(繊細で見栄えの良い先生を見つける?Sensaina ikemen-sensei o mitsukeru?)
Kimura announces she is going on a camping trip, so she's bringing in an old friend of hers to substitute. The next day, Sensaina, early for class, meets the sub Yukiyama and instantly falls in love, despite the ten year age difference.

The Final Pretty Cure appears!

(最後のプリキュアが登場!Saigo no purikyua ga tojo!)
After hearing a clue about the final Cure from Toki, the girls set out on an adventure around town to find her. They wind up at Hanakaze Extraordinaire and later the next morning, Toki stows away into Haruko's bag, believing she is the final Pretty Cure only to find out she was proven right as later that day, Haruko transforms into Cure Garden.

Melt that ice! Jonetsu, make a friend!

(その氷を溶かす!情熱は、友人を作る! Sono kori o tokatsu! Jonetsu wa, yujin o tsukeru!)
Sensaina finally decides that Jonetsu should warm up to Kintsuki and Meihime, so the girls go out for a afternoon of karaoke. They appear to be having fun, up until a few girls come in and chase them out.

Shoot! Recruiting me isn't fair!

(撃つ!私を採用することは公平ではない!Utsu! Watashi o saiyo suru koto wa koheide wanai!)
Two girls from Kintsuki's basketball team have been injured and now Sensaina and Jonetsu have to fill their positions. Of course this won't be any cakewalk for Sensaina..

Heartthrob! Heartbreak! Hideki's new girlfriend?!

(憧れの的!失恋!秀樹の新しいガールフレンド?Akogarenomato! Shitsuren! Hideki no atarashi garufurendo?!)
After seeing Hideki's friend, Ayane, kiss him on the cheek, Sensaina runs off in tears, unsure of what to make of this. For the rest of the day, she's in low spirits and after school, the girls decide to help Sensaina erase Hideki from her mind. After an hour with no avail, the girls leave and so the next day, the girls + Hideki and Ayane are stuck cleaning the cooking room after Toki and Haruko disasterize it.

Toki and the big switch!

(土岐と大きなスイッチ!Toki to okina sutichi!)
After reviewing their little progress on dreamstone captures and victories against Pretty Cure, Ignis hatches an idea which involves a kidnapping of Toki and a Hydra without her mask. They succeed in kidnapping Toki, but soon Haruko smells a rat and finds Hydra out.

A Beach house sleepover, really?

(ビーチハウス外泊、本当に?Bichihausu gaihaku, hontoni?)
Jonetsu rents out a beach house for the weekend and so she invites the girls and Hideki for a sleepover. The four seem to be having fun for the little while until they find a little girl and boy lost at the beach who eventually get them all found by Raika.

The love of anime! Sensaina cosplays?!

(アニメへの愛!繊細なコスプレ?Anime e no ai! Sensaina kosupure?)
Anicon's in town and Sensaina plans on cosplaying with her old friend Emi, despite not getting Jonetsu's approval as the redhead dismisses Anicon as a Lolicon Expo. The convention seems great as if nothing could wrong, but then Tsuchiyo appears and ruins the event! Now what?

Cousin Rivalry! Sensaina the Peacemaker!!

(いとこのライバル!繊細なピースメーカー! Itoko no raiburu! Sensaina pisumeka!)
Sensaina heads off into the neighbouring town Hamasaki to visit her cousin, Dia. Little do they know Miyako has invited their other cousin Shinju, whom Dia hates, over and so the weekend appears to be a rather chaotic and competition filled one.

Don't fight! Kintsuki's and Meihime's dispute!

(戦わない!金月と花姫の紛争!Tatakawanai! Kintsuki to Meihime no funso!)
A talent show is coming up and now Meihime and Kinstuki's are at each other throats. Kinstuki plans on entering using magic as her talent with Jonetsu as her assistant, while Meihime plans on dancing with Sensaina as her assistant, but the talent show is interrupted when a certain someone appears and takes Kintsuki and Meihime's dreamstones.

Club Time? Pretty Cure, beware!

(クラブの時間は?プリティ用心キュア Kurabu no jikan wa? Yojin, Purikyua.)
It's club time at Midorikage and the girls are unsure of which clubs they can enter and all enjoy together. Soon, they decide to think of their own club, but when a frustrated Jonetsu and Haruko leave Sensaina and her not-yet established club, Sensaina decides to take a walk that leads her bumping into a boy named Takami who seems to be having the same issue as her.

What the-?! Tokiwa Aomimi gets scouted?

(何 - !トキ青耳は持って スカウティング Nani kore?! Tokiwa Aomimi ga sukatingu?)
A modelling scout finds Toki sitting in the park and suggests that she enter the beauty pageant taking place in the park. Toki agrees and so the girls, minus Haruko, teach Toki about modelling.

Dance! Dance! Raika gets cut?!

(踊る!踊る!雷がカットされる?Odoru! Odoru! Raika ga katto?!)
Raika, being pressured heavily by Hirutaro, heads into a dance studio after the Cures enter said studio. She meets a man named Alejandro and gradually falls in love with him, only to force herself to steal his dreamstone reluctantly. But even she can see this love is changing her, but, will Hirutaro and Hatred approve of this?

The Blooming flower! Haruko's affection

(咲く花!晴子の愛情 Saku hana! Haruko no aijo)
A flower stall opens up across from Hanakaze extraordinaire and so, a little rivalry between Hiiragi and the stall owner, Minene forms. But Haruko isn't acting as harsh. Maybe it's because the stall owner's cute, vampire-like son..

Oh no! The twins lose their..glow?

(オーノー!双子は、その輝きを失う?Iya! Futago wa sono kagayaki o ushinau?)
The twins are giving time off from their modelling career due to not producing enough exquisite photos. The girls are then force to attend the first day back to school with Sensaina, where they meet their old friend Kuromi who seems to despise them for reasons they understand. Will this help the twins refind their model radiance?

Aw snap, We're going to the Heart of Dreams?

(おやおや、我々は夢の心につもり Oya! Oya! Wareware wa Haato no Doremu ni tsumori?)
The Cures go to the Heart of Dreams on account having a load of dreamstones already. They meet Titania and a bunch of other fairies and soon hear the story of Cressida, Titania's older sister.

Cressida and her bleak fate

(クレシダと彼女の荒涼とした運命 Kureshida to kanajo no koryo to shita unmei)
Reluctantly and by force, Titania tells the story of her sister the late Cressida and her death. The story opens with a bored Titania and her father inside a room with Cressida busting in a few moments later. Her father, the king, warns her this is just the beginning and reminds her of her coronation happening shortly. At the coronation, Malice appears and Cressida feels the need to stop him, knowing it was fate that brought him here. Titania attempts to reason with little avail and goes off to battle Malice.

The Destiny Casket? A Pretty Cure journey?

(運命の棺?プリキュアの旅?Desituni Casketo? Purikyua no tabi?)
After telling the story of Cressida and her fate, Titania retrieves a map and hands it to the girls, explaining that it lead the Destiny Casket. And so, the girls set on an epic conquest to find the Casket.

Dream High Pretty Cure the movie: The Mysterious Lullaby from the Future?

Sensaina and Jonetsu decided they needed jobs and so they choose to make the effort to apply to various stores, but not without a little unnecessary partying from Sensaina. Looking like a wreck the morning after, Jonetsu unwillingly helps Sensaina look good for application. Successful, the girls go job-hunting with no success. As the girls decide to call it a day, they see a mysterious girl and another girl zoom across them. Who are they? Sensaina runs after them and soon Jonetsu and Haruko follow along. Eventually they found the girl is a Pretty Cure from the future, and that she had amnesia. Can she regain her memories with the help of the Pretty Cure of today?

We can't disband now!

(我々は今、解散することはできません!Wareware wa ima kaisen suru koto wa dekimasen!)
The girls return back to the human realm after retrieving the Casket, but there seems to be something wrong. The Casket won't open! After a few failed attempt, Jonetsu says something rather uncalled for that question Sensaina's leadership abilities. The girls then decide to disband, causing more than enough turmoil..

Ignis' doomsday

(イグニス'最後の審判 Ignisu no saigonoshinpan)
Ignis, having found out Sensaina's identity, feels as if she should attempt to steal Hideki back from Sensaina and so after a failed attempt of 'making friends' with Sensaina, Ignis goes on a rampage at the school, turning the cafeteria in what looks like the inside of a volcano and holds Hideki hostage, not knowing this will be the reason of her demise.

Haruko and the foreign introvert

(晴子と外国内向 Haruko to gaikoku naiko)
Haruko, after sleeping in class, is forced to partner up on a project with a girl named Ameko who speaks little due to being foreign. The two , when ready to present, are unable as Ameko flees the room. But then, Ameko bumps into a certain someone from Malevolent.

Gasp! Sensaina's dad comes to town!

( 息をのむ!繊細なのお父さんは町に来ている?Gasupo! Sensaina no otosan wa machi ni kite iru?)
The girls of the Utahime household are surprised to see their father, who works overseas come back after such a long time. Sensaina is thrilled and as he arrives, she eventually realizes he'll have to go back to work overseas soon, or does he..

First love, young girl with a big heart~!

(初恋!大きな心を持つ少女!Hatsukoi! Okina kokoro o motsu shojo!)
As a volunteer day to replace his club credit, Hideki helps the girls clean out the garage of Sensaina's neighbour. The task seemed to be easy until the neighbour's granddaughter shows up and proclaims her love for Hideki while attempting to win his love throughout the day. Hideki then attempts to let her down easily but instead corrupts her dreamstone. Will a major from Malevolent appear to snatch it away?

First pitch, don't underestimate me!

(最初のピッチは私を過小評価しないでください!Shokyu! Watashi o kasho hyoka shinaide kudasai!)
After accidentally drinking a vial of phosphor, Hydra has turned into a blond, much to her fleeting delight. Cheerfully, she tries out to become a cheerleader for the city baseball team and shockingly gets to be a cheerleader..but it's not likely this joy of hers will last long once she finds out Maramoto, the star of the team's secret.

Sing! Sensaina finds out!

(歌う!繊細で見つけ出し!Utau! Sensaina mitsukedashi!)
Jonetsu gets Sensaina to sing for the school's culture festival! But of course, with oodles of preparation comes oodles of practice~ It seems as if things will go perfectly..but then Sensaina talks herself out and argues with Jonetsu, running off in tears. Bumping into Hideki shortly, she soons finds out her backing out of the culture fest is going to be the least of her worries..

I've become a fairy? Say it isn't so!

(私は妖精になった?それはそうではないと言う!Watashi wa yosei ni natta? Sore wa sode wa nai to iu!)
After claiming she needs a new identity, Toki misunderstands her phrase and turns her into a fairy! Now Sensaina has to spend the day stuck like this until the girls can figure out a way to reverse this...

Paint, draw! Makka the passionate!

(ペイント!描く!情熱をマッカ!Peinto! Kaku! Jonetsu o Makka!)
Sensaina and Haruko see Jonetsu yelled at a boy at her front lawn. It appears that Jonetsu's mother is painting a piece much more anticipated than any other of her pieces. But at the same time, this is also stressing Makka out as there's another person causing an uprise in the art community. So, the girls go into the next city and meet up with the other artist, who is really just a boy of Sensaina and JOnetsu's age! At this point it doesn't appear that Makka will take this too well..

What a pretty maiko! KageHydra the team?

(何可愛い舞妓!影ヒドラはチーム?Nani kawaii Maiko! KageHaidora wa chimu?)
The girls find a groups of Maikos standing around outside and see that one of the Maikos is Haruko's classmate. So as a stress reliever, the girls take Haruko's friend, Rie, out and let Haruko hang out with the Maikos for the afternoon. Meanwhile, Hydra and Kagekaze soon discover Rie alone and take her with them..This won't end well will it?

My wits are questioned?

(私の知恵が問われている?Watashi no chie ga towa rete iru?)
A transfer girl from India enters the classroom and Meihime, now currently having the highest grade point average in the class with Jonetsu sick, is challenged by the girl, Avani, through a constant battle of wits. How long could this go on?

How could we let this happen?!

(どのように我々はこれが起こる可能性がありましょう!Dono yo ni wareware wa kore ga okoru kanosei ga arimashou!)
Christmas eve is coming up and so, Sensaina and Jonetsu are going Christmas shopping. But while shopping, Sensaina sees her old friends whom she loathes and they see her. Attempting to escape with little avail, the girls gather around Sensaina and they all begin to walk around town. But suddenly, Hirutaro appears and steals the Sensaina's friends' dreamstones! Elsewhere, Hatred is planning to take the dreamstone of Ayane, who is performing a dance recital at the school..

The mystical beginning of Malevolent!

(悪意の神秘的な始まり Marevalento no shinpi-tekina hajimari!)
The Cures, now at the castle of Malevolent, are fighting 'Cures' that are really just nightmarish duplicate versions of themselves. Songstress, defeating her duplicate, confronts Hatred and finds out Hatred's past...

Pretty Cure's last stand?

(プリキュアの最後のスタンド?Purikyua no saigo sutando?)
Now having Hatred on their side, the Cures are standing strong against their new threat, Hirutaro. Hirutaro suddenly injects a syringe full of malicious energy into himself and becomes one with Malice. The Cures, soon feeling hopeless are once again surged with hoped as a prince clad in blue appears..

Dream on! The hour of victory!

(ドリーム 上! 勝利の時間!Doremu onu! Shori no jikan!)
The Cures and Malice take their battle up into the skies. The battle drags on while hope is clung on desperately by the Cures. Suddenly, the Destiny Casket begins to glow immensely and the Cures transform into Destiny Everlasting, their first and final upgrade. They take down Malice and return everyone's dreamstones,
It is shown after six months later that Haruko now has a little brother named Niwao, Jonetsu, along with Meihime, has become Kintsuki manager as a magician and Sensaina is(?) now in a relationship with Hideki.

Theme Songs

Opening #
Song Title
Aim For the Sky, Dream High!


Are You Happy Now?


Ending #
Song Title
Lucky x Love


Kanako Miyamoto

(Feat. Mayu Kudou)

Blast Off!


DreamCure Go!


Tomoyo Kurosawa

Vocal Albums

A song list for the Dream High Pretty Cure vocal CD, Dreamy Power (夢のような電源) has been concepted but obviously not produced. 14 tracks are included on the album. Song List 1. Aim For The Sky Dream High! (空のためにねらえ!ドリームハイ) OP preformed by DISH// 2. Wishful Thinking ( 希望的観測) Sensaina's image song, preformed by Ryoka Yuzuki  3. Cherry Red Lips ( チェリー赤い唇) Jonetsu's image song, preformed by Emiri Kato 4. Stop And Smell the Roses ( 停止し、バラの匂いを嗅ぐ) Haruko's image song, preformed by Rie Kugimiya 5. Kaze to Glitter: Insert Song 6. Surprised Yet? ( まだ驚いた?) Doki and Toki's theme song, preformed by Kimiko Koyama and Aki Toyasaki 7. Was that rehearsed? (そのリハーサルをしました) Insert song 8. Realization Hits 'em Hard ( 実現には、ハードヒット) Insert song 9. Get Up and GO! (立ち上がって行く) Insert song by Mayu Kudou 10. The Golden Moon and the Reliant Blooming Princess: Kintsuki and Meihime's image song of platonicism, preformed by Rika Fukami and Sayuri Yahagi  11. Up to no Good (最高ダメまで) Insert song.  12. Grieved (悲しみ) Insert song.  13. Lucky x Love (ラッキーxが愛) Ending song by Kanako Miyamoto feat. Mayu Kudou 14. Blast Off! (飛び立つ) Second ending song by DreamCure Go!


  • Jonetsu was originally planned to be named Natsume. But soon, at some point in production the name was changed due to already having another name in the series related to a season (Haruko) making it look like the series had a season thematic, had the name been kept.
  • Cure Songstress was first actually a Suite Pretty Cure OC but then because of complications due to Ryta not even watching the season prior to drawing Songstress and other things, it would decided that Cure Songstress would have her own fanseries (accompanied with two other Cures.)
  • The third Pretty Cure was not originally going to be the thirteen year old Haruko, but a transfer student from India (hint, hint see Ch.43) Her theme color was going to be blue and her name would been Cure Fortune but within a few days, the idea was scrapped.
  • Like Dune, Moebius, and Noise, Hatred only made an appearance later in the series.
  • During the first few days after the announcement of Doki Doki Pretty Cure, during the google search on the series, Dream High Pretty Cure was on the first page for results. (Because Doki that's why.)
  • This is the first Pretty Cure fanseries where all the Cures have pink as their sub-colour
  • After many years, chapters from this series have finally been revised after a long period of consideration. Can you tell which ones?