• Don't make up categories on the go. We want browsing to be as easy and simple as possible, and we don't want five different categories for essentially the same thing. The categories are listed down below. 
  • Don't upload screenshots from Precure or other shows. This is a FANseries wiki, not canon! Also, only use your own pictures. Dollmakers are allowed. 
  • Please, don't put useless trivia on your page! Nobody really cares if your fanseries is "the first to do this!", or "one of the few fanseries with no pink lead!". 
  • Don't edit other people's pages without permission!
  • When making a page, please make sure to have at least 200 words. This is to prevent people from making a bunch of empty pages. 
  • Please don't make extra pages for things like items or transformation sequences. You can just as easily do that in a character's page.
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