Clover is an antagonist in Flora Pop! Pretty Cure.


Clover is short and has fair skin, purple eyes and half shaven, yet long purple hair with bleached ends. She has multiple facial piercings, and dresses in a punk style, and mostly wears black and dark purples.


Clover Williams was born in 1971 in Brighton. She currently attends East Northumberland High School, and gets in trouble frequently for never doing her work and sleeping in class.

It is unknown how she got her powers and joined Noxia, but now she works with the others to terrorize the public and fight against the Pretty Cure.


Mr. and Mrs. Williams - Clover doesn't get along with her parents very well, feeling they are too distant to care much for her.

Taraxa - Clover thinks Taraxa's pretty cool, and likes that she appreciates her humour and outlook on life.

Ivy - Clover wishes Ivy would get over herself and relax a bit, but generally likes her and trusts her.

Amaranth - Clover likes Amaranth and appreciates that she's the first one to hang out with her if she skips class.

Poppy Gardenia - Clover thinks Poppy really does try too hard, but thinks the two are very similar despite that.

Lavender Gardenia - Clover thinks Lavender is far too much of an optimist for a high school student, and sometimes wishes to stuff her pom poms in her mouth to shut her up.

Peony - Clover really doesn't think too much of Peony.

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