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Arcane Pretty Cure~ (アケイン プリキュア~?) is a fanseries created by Lina Kira. Its themes and motifs are the elements, the Minor Arcana, and self-acceptance. It is currently on hiatus.


Hundreds of years ago, there lived four Divinus, or magic-users-The Sorceress Caro, the Alchemist Antonia, the Magician Fue, and the Necromancer Shin.



Pretty Cure

  • Shimizu Chie (清水 ちえ?) is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves having fun and making friends. She's also a book lover, but tries to keep this secret because she perceives it as silly. Her alter ego is Cure Sorceress (キュ了 ソーソレス?), who represents the element of water and the Knife suite.
  • Kanagawa Nikki (火奈川 二ッキ?) is a half-American girl who loves science but dearly wants to fit in. However, her heritage and appearance brand her an outsider, and she spends much of her time alone. Nikki is very intelligent, having won her American school's science fair several years ago. Her alter ego is Cure Alchemist (キュ了 アーケミスト?), who represents the element of air and the Cup suite.
  • Himura Akari (火村 あかり?) is a prank-loving girl whose bravery and sense of humor make her very popular. She practices magic in her spare time and earns money working at kids' parties. Her alter ego is Cure Magician (キュア マジーシャン?), who represents the element of fire and the Wand suite.


  • Lux (ラクス?) is a fairy who aids the Pretty Cure. They're EXTREMELY critical of them, and seems to see them as incompetent.

Eternal Death

  • Mortem (モーテム?) is the mysterious leader.
  • Nox (ノクス?) is his right-hand woman. She looks very young, but is a total sadist with no mercy in her body.
  • Umbra (アムブラ?) is a young woman who hates the Pretty Cure with an intense passion.
  • Tenebris (テネブリス?) is the first villain to attack, and is sort of dispassionate towards the job.

Supporting Characters


  • Codex Elementum (コデクス 工ラメンタム?) are the Cures' transformation devices.
  • The Curot Deck (キュロー デック?) is an enchanted deck of cards that act as the season collectables.


  • Vita City (ビタ-し?) is the city where the season takes place.
  • Mille Annis Academy (ミル アニス 学術?) is the school the main characters attend.

Spoiler Alert!

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Nox, obeying the age-old cliché, is sent to spy on the Cures. While attempting to glean their secrets, she ends up being influenced by them and later discovers that she herself is destined to become one. She then flees and rejoins the main body of Eternal Death. Somehow, Umbra finds out, and tells everyone, leading to Nox being exiled. After more character development, she becomes Cure Necromancer, who represents the element of earth and the Coin/Pentacle suite.

  • There will be a series movie! The working title is "In a fantasy? The warlock of Evermere!", and will introduce a movie-exclusive Cure.



# Episode Title Villain Airdate
01 Initium Tenebris TBD
02 The Knife of the Waves Tenebris TBD