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Alchemical Pretty Cure! (アルケミカルプリキュア! Arukemikaru Purikyua!?) is a magical girl/boy anime (fan)series directed, written, and designed by Kyo Asano (DENEBOON). The series' main motifs are alchemy and the four classical elements, while its sub motifs are magic, books and plants. Its themes are fear/rejection of failure, rebirth, corruption, human impact on nature, and the role of the successor/inheritor.


Alchemical Pretty Cure! Episodes

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Pretty Cure

  • Misora Amachi (天内光空 Amachi Misora?) - An airy 15 year-old girl in her first year of high school. Misora is a horrible klutz, a bit slow on the uptake, and has an awful habit of running her mouth, but where she lacks tact, she makes up for in heart and reckless self-assurance. She shines most in her bright outlook on life, and a desire to help others no matter how limited her abilities may be. Infatuated by the superheroes and magical girls of pop culture, Misora wishes to protect the weak, despite not exactly being the picture of strength herself. Among her teammates, Misora seems to be the odd one out— she's less independent, less mature, and generally less canny that the others— and she is very aware of this fact. Despite this, Misora is in no way less valuable the group, in fact, she's the glue that keeps them from falling apart when the going gets particularly rough. With power given to her by the Air PreArk, she transforms into the warrior of air: Cure Lofty (キュアロフティ Kyua Rofuti?). Her theme colours are pink, yellow, and white.
    • CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa / Dani Chambers
  • Shiho Harashiki (原式志桜 Harashiki Shiho?) - A down to earth 15-year old girl in her first year of high school. Shiho is quite meek, and rarely goes out of her way to engage in social interaction. She doesn't do well in crowds— instead preferring to stand back and "people watch" rather than actually getting to know her peers beyond name and basic personality traits. A likely cause for Shiho's self imposed loneliness is her odd neuroses and superstitions about the world around her, which often manifest in an extremely defensive personality and make her a bit of a loose canon when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Deep down, Shiho truly does want to like and be liked by the people around her, but struggles a lot with her own self confidence, often feeling like a burden and a nonentity past her "surface level" characteristics. She becomes a cure a few months before the others, and expresses slight discomfort over being the "senior" of the team. With power given to her by the Earth PreArk, she transforms into the warrior of earth: Cure Petal (キュアペタル Kyua Petaru?). Her theme colours are green and light pink.
    • CV: Inori Minase / Kayli Mills
  • Kiriha Namitama (波玉霧端 Namitama Kiriha?) - A bubbly 15-year old boy in his first year of high school. Kiriha is a bit of a celebrity at his school— between his good looks, seemingly unyielding kindness, and academic brilliance, he's a force to be reckoned with in terms of social status. He doesn't entirely mind the admiration he gets, although as an inherently subdued person, he quickly gets exhausted by all of the attention. As someone who dislikes disrupting the status quo, he tries to draw as little attention to his crossdressing as possible, not ashamed of it, but aware that this hobby he engages in for comfort may seem odd to onlookers. Where Misora aims to help lessen the physical burden on others, Kiriha leans toward a goal of making others smile— although his commitment to this goal leaves him susceptible to suppressing his own negative emotions. At the end of the day, he sees his close friends as an extension of his own (very large) family, and dotes on them no different. With power given to him by the Water PreArk, he transforms into the warrior of water: Cure Rainy (キュアレイニー Kyua Reinī?). His theme colours are blue and pale red.
    • CV: Souma Saitou / Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Seiya Himura (火村星矢 Himura Seiya?) - A hotheaded 15-year old boy in his first year of high school. Unlike Shiho, Seiya is a loner not entirely by choice. His headstrong personality automatically pins him in other people's minds as a delinquent and nothing more, leaving him virtually friendless (his occasional violent outbursts certainly don't help). The few people who can break down his tough-guy persona are met with someone equally hard to get along with— a boy with deep rooted trust issues and a fear of being abandoned. Because of that aforementioned fear, Seiya's heart is practically airtight; anyone who won't act to what he deems as his benefit is closed off with little regard, and all emotional attachments to other people in general are out of the question. The only thing the rest of the cures have been able to get out of him so far that isn't primal rage has been a sense of humour— albeit an incredibly caustic one. With power given to him by the Fire PreArk, he transforms into the warrior of fire: Cure Blast (キュアブラスト Kyua Burasuto?). His theme colours are red and grey.
    • CV: Kouki Uchiyama / Benjamin Diskin


  • Sylvia (シルビア Shirubia?) - Misora’s partner— the Magus of Air, turned into a rabbit-like fairy by Queen Marianne’s white magic. Sylvia, at only 11 years old, is a prodigal alchemist, studying under the former Magus of Air (as well as her adoptive mother) Aquila Aldine. She is quite shy, and tends to cling to Nome, Undine, and Salamander. Despite her apprehensive nature, Sylvia is very smart for her age, and dislikes being patronized. In fairy form, she ends many of her sentences with ~pata. Her full name is Sylvia Aldine (シルビア・アルディネ?).
    • CV: Rina Hidaka / Xanthe Huynh
  • Nome (ノーム Nōmu?) - Shiho’s partner— the Magus of Earth, turned into a mouse-like fairy by Queen Marianne’s white magic. Nome is the energetic busybody of the group— she tends to run around to do her own thing a lot. When it comes to alchemy, Nome is by far the most passionate, and will run her mouth if you let her. She’s quite gullible. In fairy form, she ends many of her sentences with ~goro. Her full name is Nome Guan (ノーム・グアン?).
    • CV: Shiki Aono / Amber Lee Connors
  • Undine (アンディーン Andīn?) - Kiriha’s partner— the Magus of Water, turned into an antelope-like fairy by Queen Marianne’s white magic. Being both the eldest and the first to inherit his title, Undine is the self-proclaimed ‘big brother’ of the group. He's is extremely lax— perhaps too lax for his own good at times. He is awful with directions, and misses the big picture while simultaneously having an incredible eye for detail. In fairy form, he ends many of his sentences in ~kopo. His full name is Undine Cytera (アンディーン・シテラ?).
    • CV: Shinji Kawada / Ed Bosco
  • Salamander (サラマンダー Saramandā?) - Seiya’s partner— the Magus of Fire, turned into a dragon-like fairy by Queen Marianne’s white magic. Despite his goofy and boisterous demeanour, Salamander proves to be very polite and hardworking. For being a legendary alchemist, Salamander’s skills in his department of expertise are… lacking. He does bring a positive attitude to the group, if anything. In fairy form, he ends many of his sentences with ~mera. His full name is Salamander Thimin (サラマンダ・チミン?)
    • CV: Takuya Satou / Aleks Le

Dusk Alchemists

  • Sin Messis (シン・メシッス Shin Meshissu?) / Hermes Valentine Prima (エルメス・バレンタイン・プリマ Erumesu Barentain Purima?) - The leader of the mysterious cult-like organization called "The Dusk Alchemists". His orders are usually given through his progeny Eigenlicht. Sin Messis is fixated on both the Philosopher's Stone and the use of Void magic (a potent form of magic long forbidden from use by alchemists, due to its intoxicating side effects on the mind and the adverse effect it has on the lifestream as the Miasma) to obtain it.
    • CV: Kosuke Toriumi / Ray Chase
  • Marianne Splendor Prima (マリアンヌ・スプレンダー・プリマ Marian’nu Supurendā Purima?) - The young queen of Quintessence, who is descended from the Ancients. Marianne aids Sin Messis out of her belief that he is actually her brother and the former king, Hermes, who is trying to relieve the Garden from the Miasma. She is rather naïve, but genuinely cares about her kingdom, even willing to go to extreme lengths to save it.
    • CV: Yuuki Takada / Rena Strober
  • Sevens (セブンス Sebunsu?) - A young man with a disturbing affinity for Void magic, and seemingly a victim of the Miasma. Despite claiming to have suffered from the condition his whole life, Seven has retained his grip on reality. Although he hasn't succumbed to it yet, he has been rendered next to emotionless, and seems willing to bend over backwards to carry out Sin Messis' desires to get his hands on a true Philosopher's Stone.
    • CV: Jun Fukuyama / Robbie Daymond

The Primes

  • Eigenlicht (エイゲンリクト Eigenrikuto?) - A snooty, sharply-dressed, and rather cocky individual who assists Sin Messis. They have a wistful air about them, simultaneously wearing their wry demeanour with pride. They have a soft spot for the other Primes and especially Sevens, but never really let on their true emotions.
    • CV: Mitsuki Saiga / Julia McIlvane
  • Mullein (ムレイン Murein?) - Sin Messis' faithful assassin. He is uncompromising, thick skinned, and has an outspoken dislike for filth and disorderliness, despite what his physical appearance might suggest. He has difficulty socializing, even with the other Primes.
    • CV: Tomokazu Sugita / Kirk Thornton
  • Aureolin' (オーレオリン Ōreorin?) / 'Lina (リナ Rina?) - Marianne's former maid, and a spy for Sin Messis. Aureolin is extremely erratic, shifting between dozens of personas at the drop of a hat. She tends to ramble incomprehensibly when she's nervous, and doesn't do well under pressure.
    • CV: Marika Kouno / Kari Wahlgren


  • Muhan'now (ムハンノー Muhan'nou?) - A malicious being brought forth from the "darkness" in one's soul using Void magic. They solely obey Sin Messis and his followers.

Supporting Cast

Aobagaoka du Nord Students

  • Nadeko Fukase (深瀬なでる Fukase Nadeko?) - The student council vice president. She and Kiriha have been close friends since kindergarten.
    • CV: Kana Ichinose / Erica Mendez
  • Shion Kamenashi (亀梨しおん Kamenashi Shion?)- Misora's childhood best friend. The duo stayed in touch while Misora moved to Kobe by sending letters back and forth. Shion isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is incredibly carefree and kind-- especially for a "rich girl".
    • CV: Sumire Uesaka / Deva Marie Gregory
  • Angela Albrecht (アンジェラ・アルブレヒト Anjera Aruburekuto?) - The captain of Aoba's soccer team and Misora's self-appointed mentor. Despite growing up in Japan, her father is ethnically German, and for that reason she often finds herself getting treated like a foreigner.
    • CV: Shizuka Ishigami / Morgan Berry
  • Shinzou Hanamura (花村しんぞう Hanamura Shinzō?) - A ghostly looking third-year who can often be found ditching class on the roof of the school building.
    • CV: TBA / Griffin Pautu
  • Chirino Kodaka (呼高ちりの Kodaka Chirino?) - The student council president. Due to her family's reputation, Chirino is considered "royalty" to some in Aoba.
    • CV: Risa Taneda / Jeannie Tirado
  • Satoru Iekami (家神さとる Iekami Satoru?) - The pitcher for Aobagaoka du Nord's baseball team, and Kiriha's older brother Kouhei's best friend. He has a very laid back attitude, but tends to get nervous before any game.
  • Baohua Sun (孙宝华 Sun Baohua?) - A boy from Guangzhou living in Aoba with his grandparents, and a long time family friend of the Namitamas. He works at a trendy dim sum restaurant with Misora.

Aobagaoka du Nord Staff

  • Haisuke Sunadori (漁はいすけ Sunadori Haisuke?) / Sunadori-sensei - A Japanese teacher at Aobagaoka du Nord. While his reputation with the school's students is largely favourable thanks to his laid-back personality, the older staff tend to look down upon him for being unkempt and unprofessional. His interests include bird watching and calligraphy.
    • CV: Satoshi Hino / David Vincent
  • Osamu Amachi (天内おさむ Amachi Osamu?) / Amachi-sensei - Misora's father. He was offered a job as a Japanese teacher at Aobagaoka du Nord, which was what caused Misora and her family to move back to Aoba. He is a kind and genial man, but also an extremely ruthless teacher.
  • Kurino Hamano (浜野くりの Hamano Kurino?) / Hamano-sensei - The cures' homeroom teacher, and Shiho's adult sister. She seems to be in a perpetually good mood, and has a playful and yielding personality. She frequently tells embarrassing stories about Shiho.


  • Momoko Amachi - Misora's mother. She is a reporter and meteorologist.
  • Yume Harashiki - Shiho's mother. She is a police officer.
  • Yuukichi Harashiki - Shiho's father. He is a government official, currently in the running to become the next Prime Minister of Japan. Shiho dislikes when he is home, as he imposes strict rules on his daughters.
  • Kyoko Harashiki - Shiho's 12 year-old sister.
  • Chenhe Namitama - Kiriha's mother. While high school, Chenhe moved from Hong Kong to Aoba, returning to Hong Kong during adolescence to pursue design school. She is now a relatively popular haute-couture fashion designer under the pseudonym "Chen'na". Despite spending most of her time in Tokyo as of late, she and her family are still very close.
  • Teruteru Namitama - Kiriha's father. He is a professional photographer.
  • Katsuki Namitama - Kiriha's 25 year-old brother. He is a journalist who enjoys moderate success writing for the Aoba newspaper.
  • Keinan Namitama - Kiriha's 23 year-old brother. Still having trouble breaking out of his wayward teenage years, Keinan tends to hop occupations and party a lot, something of which his brothers are always on his case about.
  • Kazuhiko Namitama - Kiriha's 20 year-old brother, and Kazuma's twin. His dignified, sociable attitude greatly contrasts his twin. He is currently studying anthropology at an out-of-town university.
  • Kazuma Namitama - Kiriha's 20 year-old brother, and Kazuhiko's twin. Kazuma is a bit socially awkward, but incredibly bright. He is currently studying robotics at an out-of-town university.
  • Kyosuke Namitama - Kiriha's 17 year-old brother. He is a third year at Aobagaoka du Nord, and currently dreams of being a musician, despite being pressured by the accomplishments of his brothers to do otherwise.
  • Kouhei Namitama - Kiriha's 16 year-old brother. He is a second year at Aobagaoka du Nord. Kouhei is extremely argumentative, even to the point of being abrasive at times.
  • Kojuro Namitama - Kiriha's 9 year-old cousin. His father was Kiriha's uncle, who passed away due to extreme overwork when Kojuro was 6. Since his mother left inexplicably early in Kojuro's life, he has since been taken in by the family.
  • Susato Namitama - Kiriha's paternal grandmother. She is quite the headstrong old lady, and is incredibly ruthless towards her grandsons.
  • Doumu - The Namitama family's beloved pet Silkie.
  • Yoshie Himura - Seiya's mother. Her occupation is unknown. Ever since the death of his father, Seiya and Yoshie have had an extremely strained relationship.
  • Hideki Himura - Seiya's deceased father. His occupation is unknown.
  • Akana Shinonome - Seiya's biological mother. After giving birth to Seiya at a young age, immense pressure was put onto her for having a child out of wedlock. To avoid the social consequences, Akana reluctantly placed Seiya in a care facility, where he was later adopted by Hideki and Yoshie.

Garden of Everything

  • Aquila (アクイラ Akuira?) - The former Magus of Air, as well as Sylvia's teacher (and adoptive mother). She is a celebrated warrior, but just barely made it out of Quintessence when it fell.
    • CV: Nozomi Sasaki / Sara Cravens
  • Pim (ピム Pimu?) - A neurotic dog-like homunculus who lives with Aquila and Sylvia. Pim escaped Quintessence with Aquila when it fell, but only after being confronted by the Dusk Alchemists’ leader, Sin Messis, and his apprentice Sevens.
  • Pegasus (ペガサス Pegasasu?) - Up until the fall of Quintessence, Pegasus served the Kingdom of Quintessence as the head of the royal knights. He can be a bit pompous. As his name suggests, his true form is a winged horse.
    • CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu / Ted Sroka
  • Monoceros (モノセロ Monosero?) - A travelling scholar who publishes journals of her travels across the Garden along with other alchemical discoveries. As her name suggests, her true form is a unicorn.
    • CV: Kazusa Murai / Natalie Lander
  • Capricorn (カプリコーン Kapurikōn?) - The head of a priory that has existed since the time of the Ancients. Capricorn is looked up to as a saint-like figure, as the oldest living creature on Telos. As her name suggests, her true form is a goat with the tail of a serpent.
    • CV: Ai Orikasa / Cindy Robinson
  • Drakon (ドラゴン Doragon?) - Monoceros' travelling partner. Although he is very quiet and stone faced, Drakon tends to be a bit of a worrywart. As his name suggests, his true form is a western dragon.
    • CV: Sho Hayami / Travis Willingham
  • Alephy Telomeratz (アレーフィ・テロメラツ Arēfi Teromeratsu?) - A celebrated scholar of the Garden whom Gunomu looks up to. She is famous for her memoirs on the final generation of Ancients.
    • CV: Fumiko Orikasa
  • Claris Alwar Prima II (クラリス・アルワル・プリマ II Kurarisu Aruwaru Purima II?) - A king of the Garden from the last generation of Ancients, looked upon by the people with reverence.
    • CV: Akira Ishida / Yuri Lowenthal
  • Alexis Aandal Prima (アレクシ・アンダル・プリマ Arekushi Andaru Purima?) - The elder brother of King Claris and an early practitioner of alchemy. Historically, Alexis is blamed for the existence of, and the persistence of the Miasma, and as such is often depicted in Garden antiquities as a monstrous, inhuman beast called The Dark One.
  • Pavon (パボン Pabon?) - An irrefutably legendary alchemist who tutored the king and his brother in the art of alchemy. In ancient times, he made a name for himself while serving the royal family, but quickly gained the rancour of the Garden when he facilitated Alexis' transformation into The Dark One. Many believed him to be a biological child of the goddess Apeira, but that hypothesis has faded from the minds of all but the most dedicated historians, replaced with widespread infamy and ire.
  • Flamel (フラメル Furameru?) - A young priestess who was King Claris' consort for a time. It is believed that Flamel held a deep fondness for Prince Alexis, and even helped him escape capture when he became The Dark One.
    • CV: TBA / Rena Strober
  • Apeira (アペイラ Apeira?) - A goddess who is "the Beginning and End of the Garden of Everything". According to folklore of the Ancients, Apeira fashioned the Garden of Everything from her left eye, and plucked the feathers from her magnificent peacock-like tail to create the forests and fields. Her blood was then drained to create the Lifestream. Some believe her to be resting somewhere in the Garden, but whether she or a similar figure truly existed is unknown. Nevertheless, it is said that if Apeira's heart, the Philosopher's Stone, is ever stolen, the world will meet a terrible end. Those devoted to Apeira may be identified by a red marking below their left eyes— a feature which all members of the Dusk Alchemists (sans Seven) possess.
    • CV: TBA / Kate Higgins
  • The First Alchemists - The arbiters of the four classical elements, and allegedly the first intelligent lifeforms. All four of them have lost their physical forms over time, but they still persist in different areas of the Garden of Everything.
    • Boreas (ボレアス Boreasu?) - The North Wind.
    • Tellus (テルス Terusu?) - The Terra Firma.
    • Nypha (ニファ Nifa?) - The High Tides.
    • Caleo (カレオ Kareo?) - The Flames.


  • Ayataro Kamenashi - Shion's 19 year old brother.




Other Media



  • Pretty Cure Shooting✧Stars: Fantasy of Hopes and Dreams~ (プリキュアシューティング✧スターズ:希望と夢のファンタジー Purikyua Shūtingu✧Sutāzu: Kiboū to Yume no Fantajī?) - A crossover movie that features the casts of Alchemical Pretty Cure! and PikaPika Tropica Pretty Cure!.


  • A lot of Alchemical's aesthetic elements were inspired by the Koei Tecmo-developed Atelier video game series — more specifically the Dusk series (Atelier Ayesha, Escha & Logy, and Shallie).
    • Alephy Telomeratz actually began as an Atelier OC for an original story in the series called Atelier Alephy: The Alchemist of Akashic Works.
    • Mana khēmia— the name for the soul's energy in Alchemical's universe— is named for the Mana Khemia duology (the ninth and tenth games in the Atelier series).
  • The function and the colloquial term for the flow of mana khēmia-- "The Lifestream"-- is a reference to the similar concept from Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII.
  • In Alchemical's universe, alchemy, chemistry, and magic are all distinct concepts, but are closely intertwined. Alchemy is, in a way, the combination of chemistry (as we know it in the real world) and magic (which is separated into the four elements; air, earth, water, and fire). It's complicated and I'm basically figuring it out as I go (lol).
  • The city of Aoba is largely based off of Shizuoka.


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